Do You Know Gaming Trivia Card Game Announced

Pre-orders open now.

Do You Know Gaming

Do you fancy yourself as a bit of a trivia buff, and you’re looking to prove it among your immediate friend group? You’re in luck, as the content creators Did You Know Gaming have teamed up with video game preservationists/mavericks Lost In Cult to create Do You Know Gaming?, a dungeon-crawling trivia card game you can play with your friends. If that sounds awesome to you, check out the trailer for the game at the top of the page.

A tabletop game for up to four players, each player picks their own player character from a choice of 18, and will draw from a 100 card monster deck. In order to defeat the monster, you need to correctly answer trivia questions, with the questions ranging from easy to hard. The harder the question, the more damage you’ll do. Once you’ve killed a monster, you’ll be able to draw some loot, with players ultimate hoping to draw four Relic cards to summon a boss and escape the dungeon. All the player characters, monsters, items, bosses and more are references to different aspects of video game culture, so this has die-hard collectible written all over it.

Do You Know Gaming? will be crowdfunded, like other Lost In Cult projects, but in order to incentivise stretch goals, the board game will be teaming with influencers and indie games alike to create Crossover Cards. Every £5000 stretch goal unlock after the initial funding target will feature two new cards, one for a game and one for a creator, with the first unlock featuring Cult of the Lamb and YouTuber Caddicarus.

Pre-orders for Do You Know Gaming? are available from now until January 16th, 2024, with the full release shipping in Q4 2024. There’ll be four editions that backers can spend money on. The Standard Edition, which costs £39.99, will feature the full game and the first ten Crossover Card unlocks, while the Deluxe Edition (£99.99) boasts a lot more in the way of presentation accessories to help make the game truly shine, along with the second 10 Crossover Card unlocks. The Deluxe Edition will only be available during the 60-day Backer period though, so act fast.

For big money spenders, there’s also a Signed Edtion (£149.99, limited to 250 units), which offers everything the Deluxe Edition does along with an A3 poster, an exclusive holographic sticker and box signed by Dazz, Greg and Shane from Did You Know Gaming. Finally, the “Design Your Own Card” Edition (£249.99, limited to 10 units) will give you everything the Signed Edition has, plus the ability to work with illustrator Stephen Maurice Graham to create your own unique character or boss card. It could be based on your own likeness, or it could be something riduculous. Either way, you’ll have left your mark on this project.

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