Did You Know Eric Stoltz is Still in Back to the Future?

Eric Stoltz in Back to the Future
Image source: moviehole.net

Any self-proclaimed movie buff will be able to tell you of a time when Eric Stoltz was Marty McFly in Back to the Future. Coming across as too intense and not really suited to the role, director Robert Zemeckis took the steps to replace him with Michael J. Fox and four weeks of footage at the same time.

When you’re shooting a big film, the last thing you want to have to do is go back over the whole production and replace actors in respective scenes. Considering how McFly is the main character, it must have been nothing short of a ballache to replace Stoltz with Fox – such a ballache that the director ended up leaving a shot in of the former and hoping nobody would notice.

He almost got away with it too. If it wasn’t for a plucky YouTuber with a mad attention to detail, we probably would have never known that it wasn’t Fox’s fist that connected with Biff in the diner, but Stoltz’s instead. It’s a neat bit of trivia that you can find out more about below.

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