Devolver E3 2019: Fall Guys, Carrion, Bootleg & More

Devolver Direct was a success, it seems.


As expected, one of the highlights from last night’s E3 coverage was the Devolver Digital conference, a satirical look at the gaming industry presented in the form of a pre-recorded presentation. A Devolver Direct, if you will. Where have we seen that idea before?

Far from being just twenty minutes of comedy and insanity, though there was plenty of that, Devolver’s presentation included plenty of game announcements, with a few surprises included. Check them out below.


Fall Guys Arriving In 2020

In what looks like a wonderfully cute version of Takeshi’s Castle, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout throws together 100 players online in a battle to see who can survive round after round of physics based obstacles. It might be partly due to Harry Belafonte’s Jump In The Line providing the soundtrack, but this is right up our alley. We can’t wait to see more when Fall Guys arrives on PS4 and PC in 2020.


Devolver Bootleg Available Now On Steam

So, you know those classic Devolver games like Absolver, Hotline Miami, Enter the Gungeon and more? How would you like to play bootleg, rip-off versions of those games in a package that’s been fully licensed by Devolver? This is classic Devolver weirdness, as Bootleg brings together modified editions of 8 of their best games, with the highlight probably being Hotline Milwaukee. Bootleg is available right now on Steam.


Carrion Coming To PC And Consoles Next Year

Horror games will often see you trying to escape the killer or monster, but Carrion wants to do things different. Instead of running from the monster, you are the monster. You control an amorphous blob that can grow and evolve while devouring human flesh, and you must ravage your way through a human facility “on the path to retribution”. Really, we’re doing for the laughs. Carrion will launch next year on PC and consoles.


Enter The Gungeon Will Be An Arcade Game

We have to give props to Devolver for that House of the Gundead pun. Well played. Anyway, Enter the Gungeon: House of the Gundead is an arcade version of the popular roguelike, complete with arcade cabinet and two light-guns. House of the Gundead will be making its way to local arcades next year, though Devolver promises it’ll be playable at home too. We’re not ruling out a home console port, but we reckon they probably mean you can buy your own arcade cabinet, which we can afford, right? There should be room in the Cultured Vultures budget for that.


The Messenger Gets Free DLC Next Month

If you’ve been enjoying the lovely indie platformer The Messenger over the past few months, this news should be right up your alley. The first bit of free DLC, entitled Picnic Panic, will launch on July 11th for PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. As you’d expect, the new DLC will include new levels, bosses and, perhaps most importantly, new music.

And that was Devolver’s conference/Direct/experience. What are you most excited for? Sound off in the comments. 

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