Destruction AllStars: What Are Destruction Points?

Don't destroy your bank balance.

Destruction AllStars
Destruction AllStars

Destruction AllStars isn’t the deepest game around, but it doesn’t need to be when the gameplay is so fun. To keep you around for longer, there are two main forms of currency that you can accumulate: Destruction Points and AllStar Coins.

AllStar Coins are the currency that you can earn just from playing the game naturally, whereas Destruction Points can only be unlocks via microtransactions. Developers Lucid Games have said that they will be able to be unlocked naturally at some point over the course of 2021 by completing challenges, but right now the only way to get Destruction Points is to buy them from the PlayStation Store.

Destruction Points can be put towards specific character cosmetics, such as emotes and skins, though not all can be purchased and instead have to be earned with AllStar Coins. The rarer and more lucrative the item, the likelier it is that you will have the option of spending Destruction Points, though we’ve also seen cosmetics with both options.

Destruction Points can be bought in packs of either 500, 1000, or 2000 Points for varying prices. Honestly, unless you’re planning on spending 100s of hours with the game, they’re just not really worth the investment at all. And even if you are spending 100s of hours with the game, they’re still just cosmetics. Save your money.

Also, does it seem to anyone else like they got the currency names the wrong way around?

Destruction AllStars is available now for PS5.

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