Destiny 2: How To Get Necrochasm Exotic Auto Rifle


It’s been 9 years since Crota first fell to a fireteam of 6 guardians, and after all this time, new light players and veterans alike will have the pleasure of putting him down again and acquiring the raid’s signature exotic. Both the raid itself and the exotic auto rifle Necrochasm have evolved to thrive in the current Destiny 2 sandbox, so be prepared, as it’s much harder than its previous version.

With that being said, let’s jump straight down to the bottomless pit where our brand-new exotic awaits us. Here’s everything you need to know about acquiring the new exotic.


How to get Necrochasm

Much like the days of Destiny 1 when you had to complete an exotic quest to acquire Necrochasm, the same can be said in Destiny 2. Fortunately for those brave enough to jump into the Hellmouth during the 48-hour contest mode, there is a way to skip the quest entirely.

To do this, you simply have to pick up the exotic quest “Bottomless Pit” from the raid vendor, which is the sword embedded in the ground after the final encounter of Crota’s End. Doing this during contest mode will have the quest steps automatically completed, and all rewards will be given to you. That’s Husk of the Pit (the common version of Necrochasm), Eidolon Ally (legendary version and fully Masterworked), and the weapon itself, Necrochasm. For those who haven’t beaten the raid during contest mode, this is only the beginning of this 3-step quest.


Bottomless Pit Quest Step 1

Luckily, step 1 is easy, as once you complete the raid after contest mode, you’ll be rewarded with Husk of the Pit, which you’ll need to use to kill loads of Hive. Killing Hive in the Crota’s End raid is worth additional progress, so for those looking to farm this step quickly, the first encounter with the lanterns is great as there are plenty of easy-to-kill thralls down there. Additionally, Sorrows Harbour on The Moon is a good place to farm Hive.


Bottomless Pit Quest Step 2

Step 2 is all about collecting Essence of the Oversoul, and this is another one of Destiny’s jargon currencies that might have players confused. The Oversoul is the giant fractured orb in the sky you’ll see throughout the Crota’s End raid, and to acquire its essence, you’ll have to complete raid encounters and the associated triumphs.

There is a big triumph to-do list in the form of numerous challenges ranging from doable to completing Master Mode, which is a challenge in itself.

This step will take some time, especially if you don’t complete the challenging triumphs and instead farm the raid. You can do it once per character per week until the next weekly reset on Tuesday.

Furthermore, if you have already beaten this step or already have Necrochasm from the contest mode, you’ll want to complete these anyway. Essence of the Oversoul also contributes towards the exotic catalyst progression for Necrochasm, which is ideal for anyone intending to use this weapon in the long run.


Bottomless Pit Quest Step 3

Now it’s time to claim your exotic auto rifle and boy do you deserve it after the lengthy and challenging step 2. Enjoy making your enemies explode with precision final blows and have a blast taking it with you to the numerous playlists within the Destiny sandbox.

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