Deathloop: How To Unlock The Fugue Slab

Fugue-et about it.


Deathloop has finally launched on the Xbox Series X & S after a period of timed exclusivity on PS5, and the launch of Bethesda and Arkane Lyon’s excellent shooter on Microsoft’s console coincides with the Goldenloop update, which adds a decent amount of new content to the game. One of the biggest new additions is a new slab, Fugue, which could be a decent new power for your arsenal.

Here’s everything you need to know about unlocking the Fugue slab in Deathloop.


Where To Find The Fugue Slab


In order to unlock the Fugue slab, you’ll need to travel to Karl’s Bay in the afternoon. Hang right as soon as you leave spawn and follow the coastline for about 80 meters. There, you’ll find a door that’s been blown open, leading to an underground garbage collection area. Keep going in, and you’ll eventually hear the voice of The Collector, a new boss enemy and the current holder of the Fugue slab. Prepare yourself for this one though, as he’s a hard one to take down unless you use stealth.

The Collector is singing his sorrows behind a few locked doors and booby traps in the back left corner of the room. Entering the room through the booby trapped door on the right will draw the attention of The Collector, and starting a fight will also trigger a swarm of enemies to run in. While it’s not an unwinnable fight, it’s a ridiculously hard one, so some subtlety is the word of the day.

To the left of the door is a crack in the wall. From here, look to the left and you should see a button on the wall that connects to a big rolling shutter door. You can shoot the button (preferably with a silenced or reduced noise weapon of some kind) to open the door. That triggers a noise, which The Collector will investigate, stumbling into his own laser trap as he does.


From here, you can open the now safe door, which will make a sound to lure The Collector. Don’t walk through the door, and instead go left and come in through the now open shutter door, then sneak up behind him, and get the cheeky backstab. The Fugue slab is then yours. Some enemies will still make their way into the area, but they’re much easier to deal with without The Collector to worry about.

If the stealthy approach backfires and you find yourself in a direct fight with The Collector, you need to have as much firepower behind you as possible. As soon as he’s alerted, the area will be swarmed by enemies, so put some distance between yourself and The Collector and take out those enemies. The less people firing at you, the better. Whittle down their numbers using whatever powers and weapons you have available.

After you’ve cleared the area of additional enemies, you’ll still have The Collector to deal with. He has mountains of health, the Fugue slab and a Pepper Mill machine gun, so fighting him head on is pretty much a suicide mission, especially if he slows you with Fugue. You’ll need to keep your distance, pick your shots and use powers as much as you can. The Havoc slab in particular will help a lot here, as it reduces your incoming damage while increasing your outgoing damage. With a bit of time and quite a lot of perseverance, you might just come out on top. Or, he’ll kill you and you’ll have to try again.

Remember: stealth is always an option.


Fugue Slab Ability


The Fugue slab is a projectile-based ability that essentially allows you to make the people of Blackreef drunk from a distance. Using the ability will render your target slowed, confused and blind (drunk), with their tipsy state rendering them temporarily harmless. From this, you can either escape or use their grogginess to murder them. Like all of Colt’s slabs, you can also upgrade the Fugue slab after you’ve infused it by either killing the Collector on a subsequent loop, or killing an invading Julianna who’s using Fugue. The upgrades are as follows:

– Coda: Targets are affected for an extended duration
– Earworm: Cast a Fugue “mine” on a surface, which detonates on proximity
– Discord: Target becomes hostile toward its allies as well as you
– Syncopation: When an affected target is killed, Fugue affects nearby enemies

Deathloop is available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X & S.

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