Deathloop: How To Unlock The HALPS Prototype

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It wouldn’t be called Deathloop if there weren’t some massive instruments of death with which to murder everyone with. Thanks to the Goldenloop update, which coincided with the release of the game on Xbox Series X & S, there’s a brand new weapon to play with called the HALPS Prototype, and it might just be one of the best parts of the game.

The HALPS Prototype is a new, energy-based laser weapon that can shred through regular enemies like a hot knife through butter. As weapons in this game go, it’s a mighty fine addition to your arsenal, and the process of unlocking it isn’t too much trouble either. You just might die in order to get it, but that’s fine.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to get your hands on the HALPS Prototype in Deathloop.


Where To Find The HALPS Prototype


In order to unlock the HALPS Prototype, you’ll need to travel to The Complex at any time before the evening. Once you’re there, head over to Wenjie’s Lab, which is located in the middle of the frozen water. The Lab itself is a huge complex, but the only section we need to concern ourselves with is the small green building that joins the land to the big tower in the middle of the lake.

Inside that section of the lab is a new room that contains the HALPS Prototype laser locked behind a case.


How To Solve The HALPS Prototype Puzzle


Underneath the case are two levers, and the laser is pointing towards two sensors. Pulling both levers will cause the laser to activate, which will then rebound off the sensors to wherever they’re pointing, which is probably at you. The whole room is designed to teach you this key aspect of the HALPS Prototype, which allows you to use sensors to fire lasers around corners or guard certain areas.

What you need to do is bait the sensor-guided laser to hit the case, breaching the glass and allowing you to take the HALPS Prototype for yourself. It’s tricky to try and lure the laser into destroying the case without eating a laser in the face, so you may just have to die in order to grab the laser, but that’s what the Reprise skill is for, right? If you’re successful, you should be able to walk in and grab the laser.

The laser itself is a powerful weapon that requires the player to charge the beam before firing, but holding the left trigger will pre-charge the beam, similar to how you’d spool a minigun in some games. Firing the beam will cause most regular enemies to disintegrate, making it a brilliant tool for crowd control. The HALPS Prototype doesn’t use traditional ammo, but you can drain energy from batteries in order to keep the weapon topped up.

Deathloop is available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X & S.

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