This Death Stranding Theory Video Is Pretty Convincing

Death Stranding Mads

Serial Kojima analyst YongYea has just released his analysis for the VGA trailer for Death Stranding, which was the barmiest one to date.

Having watched the trailer itself about five times and not understanding a damn thing, I dread to think how many repeated viewings the YouTuber needed to get to the bottom of a lot of his theories. It’s seriously compelling stuff, but be warned, it’s over an hour long.

Within the first 30 seconds of the trailer, YongYea managed to pick up more than I ever did. I had wondered why everything was suddenly rapidly aging, but now I know it’s because of the rain, referred to as “timefall”. You can see it later on when the man trapped up the transport gets the rain on his face and gets liver spots within the minute.

There are so many small revelations within the video that most would probably never catch. There seems to be a corporation called Bridges who are on the “corpse disposal team”, but Norman Reedus’ character (Sam) appears to work for a separate entity, possibly Porter. Another neat detail is how the mechanical arms change their fluctuations depending on how close a threat is, going from a “blooming” kind of movement to frenzied spinning.

What really got me interested, however, was that someone who appeared to be Mads Mikkelsen’s character was inspired by ancient Egypt, and may well be Osiris, the merciful god of the afterlife. It all ties together with the otherworldly entities killing people and then babies being in jars an–oh god I am getting myself twisted up in knots here just trying to work any of it out.

Coolest of all, though? Hideo Kojima is part of the black ooze.

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