Dead Island 2: How to Open the Mystery Goodie Box

Mystery Goodie Box Dead Island 2
Mystery Goodie Box Dead Island 2

The Mystery Goodie Box is a locked crate in Ocean Avenue in Dead Island 2 that players may encounter in the Serling Hotel at random, but a lot of players will probably be told about it after completing the quests for the Bobcats, the group whose leader keeps calling you on the radio.

There are three quests in total to complete before you can open the Mystery Goodie Box: The Rav-Ages of Caustic-X, Boz Makes A Bang, and Dez and the Mother of Satan. Completing the final one of these quests will net you a mod, as well as a combination code for the Mystery Goodie Box, which resides in Ocean Avenue.

The directions for this crate are a little bit unclear, if not confusing. You can check it out for yourself by going to Collectibles > Journals > Dez and the Mother of Satan.

Basically, you want to go to the third floor of the Serling Hotel in Ocean Avenue (which is where you first met Reed). Before walking into the safe area, walk along the top floor until you get near the window, then find the Mystery Goodie Box underneath a desk.

Open the crate and you will be rewarded with Shark Tooth, a Superior electrified Frenzy weapon that starts off with very high Power and can be equipped with three more perks.

Mystery Goodie Box Dead Island 2
Mystery Goodie Box Dead Island 2

It’s definitely one of the better weapons you can earn in the game, but it is a bit odd that it is the highest rarity considering how many different quests you have to complete before you can access it.

Dead Island 2 is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X & S.

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