Dauntless Season 5 Week 7 Hunt Pass Challenges – Hammer Down

Last full week to claim those Heartseekers.


Dauntless’ fifth season, Hidden Blades, is currently winding down, with the last full week of Hunt Pass challenges now available for the Shattered Isles Slayers. As usual, there are four challenges that’ll net you 150 Heartseekers each, equivalent to one and a half Hunt Pass level-ups. In total, completing these challenges will net you six level-ups, and they’re pretty easy this week.

On top of that, you can also still obtain 50 Heartseekers per day by collecting the 10 Deathmarks scattered around Ramsgate, and Heartseekers will also drop from Behemoths randomly as you break parts from them, so if you’re within 10-15 levels of completing the Hunt Pass, there’s still hope. Here’s this week’s challenges.


Dauntless Season 5 Week 7 Challenges


Whirling Mayhem – [Slay 10 Behemoths Using Chain Blades or Hammers] Behemoth, Interrupted – [Get 30 Interrupt(s) On Any Behemoth] Shocking Display – [Slay 10 Behemoths Using Shock Weapons] Terra Sqaud – [Slay 10 Behemoths Using Terra Weapons]

Ordinarily, we’d separate these out and provide some kind of walkthrough, but here the walkthrough might include any of these challenges at one time, so we’re throwing them all together for you to follow along at home.

Right, so you’ll want to take your best Shock or Terra Hammer into a Solo Embermane hunt (make sure they’re stronger than 200 power), and when it starts charging at you, using the Hammer’s Heavy Attack to interrupt the Behemoth. You’ll know when you hit it as the Embermane goes flying after the attack lands.

Repeat that 30 times, potentially across multiple hunts, to complete “Behemoth, Interrupted”, then carry on using the Shock/Terra Hammer to finish off “Whirling Mayhem” and either “Shocking Display” or “Terra Squad”. Depending on which element you chose, you’re now free to focus on the other one. Simple enough.

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