People Can Fly Interested In Bulletstorm Sequel

Please. I need it.


People Can Fly have recently expressed an interest in returning to Bulletstorm at some point in the future. During an interview with Eurogamer, CEO Sebastian Wojciechowski admitted that he would like to see the cult classic enjoy a “second life”, though People Can Fly would like to ensure that the sequel has a bigger audience than the first game. Also, there’s no current plans right now. Feel like we should highlight that.

“We are, as you can see [with the remaster and the Switch version], still holding this IP deep in our hearts,” Wojciechowski told Eurogamer. “We want this IP to have its second life. We’re still not sure what that means but obviously since this is our IP – we own the IP – and the IP is known and has its fans, we would like to do something about it.”

“There are no immediate plans to come back to this IP, taking into consideration our current effort on Outriders, but if we think about PCF in the longer-run, then obviously it would be awesome to come back to this IP. We just need to think about how to make sure the audience will be bigger than [Bulletstorm 1’s], and that’s something we would need to work a bit more on going forward with this IP.”

Bulletstorm launched back in 2011 on PS3 and Xbox 360 to critical acclaim but failed to set the world on fire in terms of sales. The Full Clip Edition remaster for PS4 and Xbox One in 2017 showed that the IP can still pump out the fun years later, and an imminent Switch release proves that People Can Fly haven’t given up on it yet.

In the meantime, People Can Fly are currently busy working on Outriders, a co-op sci-fi shooter being published by Square Enix. Hopefully, if Bulletstorm: Full Clip on the Switch and next year’s Outriders succeed, we’ll see PCF return to the world of Grayson Hunt at some point in the future.

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