Dark Souls 3 Is March 2018’s Humble Monthly Early Unlock

Dark souls 3
Dark souls 3

Prepare to make some great savings, as the meme goes. From Software’s masochistic curtain-closer Dark Souls 3 is the early unlock for March 2018’s Humble Monthly.

The dark and oppressive masterpiece is one of the most revered games around and currently retails at far more than the $12 asking price for signing up to a month at Humble Monthly. As a bonus, the Ashes of Ariandel DLC is also included; some regions will not be able to receive it, in which case subscribers will be given Civilization: Beyond Earth – The Collection instead.

Dark Souls 3
Source: Polygon

For that money, you also get a whole bunch of other as yet unannounced games. Last month saw Civ VI, Owlboy, Tacoma, Snake Pass and more for just $12, so you should expect to see more additions when the bundle fully unlocks on March 2nd.

In case you didn’t know, Humble Monthly is a, erm, monthly service that gives you good games at great prices. As well as that, you also get 10% off everything in the Humble Store and access to the Trove: Humble’s collection of indie games.

To sign up and get Dark Souls 3 now, go here. There’s no obligation to keep paying after the first month, but you can also subscribe for an entire year with an annual plan. If you need more info on Humble Monthly, check out our guide here or what you can expect from the Rockstar Games bundle.

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