Damascus Apparel Are At it Again With These Sweet Intelligence Modality Designs


Just when you thought Damascus Apparel couldn’t be having a better year, they go and improve on themselves once again. They already supplied us with the ultimate in Pokemon Go team t-shirts, but now they’re straying down the roads of their own creativity and coming up with designs that can only be described as mind-bending.

Everyone’s different: some people may excel at writing, others might not. Plenty of us can dance, probably an even bigger majority cannot. Our traits makes us who we are and help us to celebrate our individuality, which is exactly what Damascus are trying to prove with these four different designs based on Intelligence Modality.

However, what makes us different also connects, as shown when you connect all of the shirts together to unveil the Damascus logo. This is yet another indication that the brand doesn’t simply do things by the numbers or play it safe like some of their peers. Damascus are risk takers and it pays off for them each and every time. Check out what they’ve conjured up for us below.


I.M Visual

Im Visual

For those with a knack for all things visual, this design is the one. If you can visualise using your mind’s eye, celebrate it by picking up a striking design that will leave a lasting impression. There’s an impressive amount of detail here, as you would come to expect from Damascus.

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I.M Logical

IM Logical

Instead of rushing into things, you like to sit back and really think. You’re one of life’s achievers, those that can see a problem and fix it. You may also be adept with numbers, abstractions, and reasoning. This is a Modal Intelligence desired by many people, but few can realistically say they have it, so of course the design is just as unique as you would expect it to be.

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I.M Musical


Not everybody can pick up a bass guitar and be able to play Primus with just a bit of practice. Some are born to be able to play and properly appreciate music, helping them to go on to sell gig tickets and earn a following doing what they love. If you’re one of those people, or just appreciate the importance of rhythm, pitch, meter, tone, melody or timbre, this should already be in your basket.

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I.M Bodily


Ever find yourself making something out of random bits and bobs? You may have plenty of bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, which ties in with having a superb sense of timing, and how to set yourself objectives and stick to them. This design is a personal favourite, especially due to how distinct that back design is. One for those looking to let people know that they are in the room.

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