Check Out These Awesome Pokemon Go Team T-Shirts

Pokemon Go t-shirts

You can either get aboard the Pokemon Go bandwagon or get left behind – it’s a phenomenon that is showing no signs of slowing down. We’ve covered it extensively here at Cultured Vultures, from how it’s bringing people together to how AR is going to evolve as a result of its success, but there’s one more thing we want to show you that could be the coolest yet.

If you want to pledge your allegiance to one of the factions found in the biggest app out there right now, you should take a look at these awesome Pokemon Go team t-shirts from Damascus Apparel.

Pokemon Go Mystic t-shirt

Pokemon Go Instinct t-shirt

Pokemon Go Valour t-shirt

Vibrant and insanely detailed, these t-shirts are one of the best ways to represent your team, whether that’s Mystic, Valour, or Instinct. Filling up your Pokedex while wearing one of these t-shirts and try not to become immersed in the augmented reality world. Featuring graphics representing the nature of each squad along with their respective mottos, they’re some of the best merchandise to come out of the next big thing we’ve seen yet.

Speaking of the next big thing, Damascus Apparel might just be that. Being a network of like-minded creators and artists means that all of their products are unique, but they each come with the same defining trait – quality. You won’t find any half measures in their extensive catalogue. Damascus are all about creating and growing with each other to appreciate the small things in life. According to their mantra, you don’t have to be a published author, write a song, or star on a YouTube channel to be a creator – you simply have to achieve something you didn’t think you could.

So, while you’re patiently farming 100 Zubats or walking around the block over and over again to hatch an egg, what better way to show your passion than with a t-shirt. They’re on pre-sale now, so be sure pick one up before they all go.

Team Mystic T-shirt
Team Instinct T-shirt
Team Valour T-shirt

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