Cultured Vultures’ Two-Sentence Horror Tales

fog and lamppost

We noticed a lot of two-sentence horror tales out there and how the same ones seem to keep cropping up. So, with a boxset of Halloween at the ready and goosebumps primed, we Vultures decided to see if we could scare each other silly and come up with some on the spot. Are there any that made you want to check your doors at night? Let us know.

I wake up with the feeling of a fingernail clawing at my skin. I try to get up but I can’t, my body is still asleep.

When I opened my mouth a fly came buzzing out.  Something under my skin itches, I can feel them moving.

I used to really love this hamburger place down my street. But I stopped going when I found a smashed toe in my food.

My loved one’s hands are so cold against my skin. That’s expected though, he has been dead for over a month.

I look at my reflection and it seems a little strange. Why is it smiling when I have my mouth shut?

Carol Days

It had been three days in the darkness now. His fingernails had barely even made a mark on the wood.

Her eyes stared into his with so much love and confusion. The gaze made him uncomfortable, so he placed her back in the refrigerator and closed the door.

Thump, thump, thump went the floorboards. They weren’t going quietly.

The fire crackled, slowly cooking the meat. He wasn’t sure how much longer he had to wait, this wasn’t something they taught in school.

He had been twenty years old when he died. Here he was fifty years later, the same soft features with darkness behind his eyes.

When you love someone, it’s hard to let go. Her disembodied hand proved that.

“How much water can the human body take in?” This was the last thing he thought as the clawing hands wrapped around his ankles, pulling him into the deep.

Flick the switch, he’s there. Flick the switch again, he’s there with a friend.

The doll was waiting for her on the bed when she returned from the shower. It had been a week since she had thrown it out yet here it was, covered in blood with the same face that tormented her at night.

Jimmy Donnellan




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