UPDATE: Cult Classic Shooter XIII Getting PS4 & Switch Remake

Huh, didn't expect that announcement today.


UPDATE: Publisher Microids have confirmed that XIII will also be making its way to the Xbox One and PC, so everyone gets to experience the remake.


Here’s one that you probably never saw coming: the cult classic cel-shaded FPS XIII is getting a remake for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch, scheduled to arrive on November 13th 2019. Check out the announcement trailer below.

In XIII, you play as the amnesiac «Thirteen», who’s been accused of assassinating the US President, and it’s your job to find out answers. As you’d expect, most of these answers are obtained via the liberal use of bullets.

The original version of the game came out in 2003 for PS2, Xbox and Gamecube, and it was based on Belgian graphical novel of the same name that released in 1984. The remake will be developed by Playmagic and will be published by Microids. Are you excited for the return of XII? Let us know in the comments below.

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