Comic Con 2016: Your First Wonder Woman Trailer Actually Looks Fun


Here is your first full Wonder Woman trailer, people, and thank god it’s at least trying to be fun. Hot off DC and Warner Bros. movie panel at Comic Con, the new trailer shows off some fairly impressive looking action and a few nuggets of juicy story. Most importantly though, it looks like it might be trying to enjoy itself.

Introducing us to the world of Wonder Woman and the places the film will take her, this trailer gives us our first look at Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince meeting Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor. True to the comic book source material, war pilot Trevor seems to have washed up on Wonder Woman’s mystical island of Amazons. Also, Wonder Woman has never seen a man before. Time for her to go on a quest into the world of man to find out how badly we’ve cocked everything up.

The trailer shows off several refreshing things for DC movies in general. First, most of what we see of the outside world is set firmly in the era of the First World War. We even get a clip of a kitted up Wonder Woman stepping out of the trenches on to no man’s land and using her shield to stop a rain of artillery fire. Like a boss. In many ways this might be DC’s answer to Captain America: The First Avenger; a period piece set in a major historical war that gives the franchise a heart and soul.

Secondly, is it me or is this movie trying to offer us some humour? A lack of levity might be DC’s Achilles Heel so far in its effort to build a rival to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Here though? There’s at least three moments where I think the film is trying to coax a laugh from me (and I admit it, I sniggered).

There’s still hints of a little Batman V Superman super seriousness (That slo-mo crap got old after 300, Zack), but all in all this trailer gives us reason to hope.


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