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Game Pass
Game Pass

For some people, customer satisfaction goes hand-in-hand with good deals. That means good products get even better when their prices are lower, which is the case with cheap Xbox Game Pass.

Microsoft’s Game Pass is undeniably an already good product, given how many benefits it has. Still, it gets better when you get good deals for it, even more so when you think about the amount of games you can get – with more coming in constantly – for a low price.

Xbox Game Pass comes in two versions: the normal one and the Ultimate one. The normal Game Pass gives you access to more than 100 games, while the Ultimate one has not only that, but also Xbox Live Gold and exclusive discounts. Both passes are available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, mobile devices and PC.

Standard Xbox Game Pass has a monthly cost of $9.99/£7.99, and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate costs $14.99/£10.99, but there’s a one-month trial you can get for $1.00/£1.00. There’s also a nice little trick with the trial and we’ll tell you about it later, right after we show you where to get cheap deals for Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate online.


Where To Get Cheap Xbox Game Pass & Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

There are a few places where you can reliably get Game Pass on the cheap, at least cheaper than the standard prices, by buying what are essentially gift cards.

At CDKeys, it’s possible to find 6 months of the normal pass for $48.99/£34.99 and 12 months for $83.99/£59.99. The Ultimate version can be bought there also, with the 3-month one costing $25.19/£28.99, and the 6-month option setting you back $69.99/£52.99.

Other websites often make discounts available. All in all, the ones you should look for cheap Game Pass are:

– CDKeys
– eBay
– Amazon

When buying from those websites, make sure the card works for your region. After you have bought the card and access to the code, all you have to do is redeem it.

If you manage to buy many cards with big discounts, you can get a discount on top of another, making many months of subscription come out really cheap.

There are other websites that also sell Game Pass on the cheap, but beware using them as some reportedly get their gift cards through illicit means.


How To Get Cheap Xbox Game Pass With The Trial

For new players, Xbox offers a one-month trial Game Pass Ultimate for $1.00/£1.00. But there’s a catch (a good one): if you have Xbox Live Gold and acquire the Game Pass Ultimate, months of Live Gold are converted into months of Game Pass Ultimate.

Although there’s a conversion rate for this method of getting cheap Game Pass, buying the trial when you have stocked up on Live Gold months can be an awesome deal.

Don’t worry, there’s nothing illegal about this. In fact, Xbox supports this little trick, so be sure to stock up on your trials and get yourself some cheap Game Pass in the long run.

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