Celeste and Inside Free On Epic Games Store Right Now

Get them for nada.

Two of the greatest games of all time are available on the Epic Games Store for nothing right now as part of Epic’s ongoing promotion to give out free games.

Celeste, which only came out last year, is revered as one of the best indie games of all time, it telling the story of a quest to reach the top of the mountain via rock-hard (heh) platforming. It was nominated at The Golden Joysticks, The Game Awards, and BAFTAs with it sitting at a wholly great 88 on Metacritic for its PC version.

The other freebie is Inside, which is Playdead’s follow-up to the equally incredible Limbo. As a platformer-puzzler-horror, you play as a young boy in a dystopian society where things are even worse than they seem. Just as revered as Celeste in terms of awards, Inside sits on a deserved 87 on Metacritic for its PC version.

You can pick up both games by travelling to the storefront and simply clicking the “get” button. The only caveat is that you need to have an Epic account and the launcher to play them. You can also add them to your library and play them another time; they will not expire.

Celeste and Inside are available until September 5th, at which time they will be replaced with The End Is Nigh and Abzu.

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