Brock Lesnar To Defend Universal Championship At WWE’s Great Balls of Fire PPV

Brock Lesnar
Image Source: WWE

Since claiming his first Universal Title at Wrestlemania this year, Brock Lesnar and his associate Paul Heyman have both been MIA. Not that this isn’t anything out of the ordinary for WWE’s suplex aficionado, as he’s always come and gone as he damn well pleased. Although, his recent hiatus has come under fire for being ill-timed, considering that he’s stripped Raw of a title that’s barely managed to find prestige.

However, news has been broken which confirms that Brock Lesnar shall be returning to action on the 9th of July for Raw’s upcoming PPV, Great Balls of Fire! No, seriously, that’s what they’re going with.

Originally, the return of the event Bad Blood was pencilled in for July. But somehow, someone, somewhere thought that the name Great Balls of Fire just had more of a ring to it. Maybe I’m missing some gag here, I mean, it is set to take place in Texas so make of that what you will. Either way, this for me, goes down as one of the worst names for a wrestling event in history.

Opinions aside, Brock Lesnar’s first Universal title defense has been confirmed for then, so let the armchair booking commence for his first opponent. Casting our minds back to the Raw after Mania, Braun Strowman teased title intentions for the near future, so I’d be putting my chips down on hostilities to be renewed between BRAUN and the Universal Champion.

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