Armchair Booking: Big E’s Heel Turn & Road To WrestleMania 36

How long can The New Day last before someone goes out for themselves?

The New Day Smackdown Live

In 2014, The New Day was born. Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods graced us with their presence as a gospel group, preaching the Power of Positivity. The WWE Universe immediately hated them. Two years later, the trio would break the record for the longest reigning tag-team champions with an impressive 284-day title reign. Fast forward to 2019 and New Day has been one of the highlights for weekly WWE programming for over five years. Unfortunately, like all good things, the group must end at some point, and next year feels like the right time if any.

Lately, Kofi was inserted into the WWE Championship scene; looking to overthrow the dastardly New Daniel Bryan, after becoming a replacement for Ali in the Elimination Chamber Championship match. While chasing his dreams of finally getting his first major championship in eleven years; Big E and Xavier were his last saving grace to make it to WrestleMania. The duo had to face five of SmackDown Live’s best tag teams to ensure their Kofi’s fair treatment after all his hard work and dedication.

After a triumphant victory at WrestleMania 35, with Kofi toppling Bryan and claiming his spot at the top of the mountain, Big E suffered a minor injury that would keep him on the sidelines for over a month. With one member short, Kevin Owens would offer his services as an honorary member of The New Day.

The New Day
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Owens would stab Xavier and Kofi in the back the following week and would reveal his true motives. He was jealous of Kofi’s success and in his perfect timing, he struck. As Xavier realized what had occurred, he came to Kofi’s aid before Owens gave him a deadly Pop-up Powerbomb on the ring apron.

On SmackDown Live this past Tuesday, Big E made his triumphant return from injury, and in typical New Day fashion, they had a celebration. Unfortunately, after coming up short in his WWE Championship match at Money in the Bank, Owens devised another plan to wreak havoc while Kofi was battling Sami Zayn. Big E was attacked backstage and was found by Xavier clutching his reinjured knee while proclaiming it was Owens. We don’t know whether or not it was, but one thing we are sure of is that Big E must be getting sick of being used as a means of getting Kofi’s attention.

Big E hasn’t been a singles competitor since losing Dolph Ziggler as his partner in 2013. Big E would turn babyface after losing to CM Punk on the October 18th episode of SmackDown, when Paul Heyman was berating Punk and calling Big E a rookie. He did not take kindly to that and would aid Punk in fighting off Curtis Axel and Ryback.

Big E is the only member of The New Day that would stab them in the back. Here is how it could play out; Kofi successfully defeats Ziggler at Super Showdown, and Big E challenges Owens to a match at SummerSlam. In his first true singles match in four years, he starts developing a new, self-centered mindset. In the following weeks, we see Big E distancing himself from the group and going into business for himself.

Xavier would play the role of peacekeeper, trying to resolve their inner conflicts within the group, but to no avail. In the following months, he would focus his attention on winning the Intercontinental Championship although he would be unsuccessful in his attempts.

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Fast-forward to 2020 with the Royal Rumble steadily approaching, Big E would announce his name as the first entrant of the match. It all comes down to Big E, Braun Strowman, and Roman Reigns. Big E would demonstrate his impressive strength and stand tall against the powerhouses, establishing himself as a true threat. He would win the whole thing; Kofi would then announce a “Huge” celebration in New Day fashion, balloons, confetti, ridiculous banners. That’s when Big E will pick his spot to break his silence after all these months.

He would then berate Kofi for having to wait eleven years before he got his first one-on-one WWE Championship match. Big E has been as a goofy character for far too long; it’s time for him to return as a silent but deadly powerhouse, capable of destroying anyone.

We would then get a handicap match between Kofi and Xavier vs. Big E at WWE Fastlane. This is where we finally see Kofi lose control and get intentionally disqualified. Big E would get the last laugh, though. After disposing of Xavier, he would send Kofi crashing through the announce table with a “Big Ending” and Big E holds up the WWE Championship.

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One week before WrestleMania 36 on SmackDown Live, the two men would come face to face for the official contract signing. With Xavier in Kofi’s corner, Big E would arrive in a limousine dressed in an expensive suit and a flashy gold watch. Instead of the “usual” ending of a contract signing, things would not get physical. Why should they? Big E has outsmarted the champ in every way possible. Kofi and Xavier would speak from the heart about The New Day’s accomplishments over the past five years. Big E would scoff and sign the contract and leave to end the go- home show.

I believe Big E vs. Kofi Kingston for the WWE Championship could very well headline WrestleMania 36. What are your thoughts on the potential feud? Do you see it happening in the next few years? Let us know in the comments section below.

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