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Several people agree that Bloodborne is a true gem from the last decade of gaming. Although its souls-like difficulty gave players a hard time, they still felt ecstatic thanks to its immersive gameplay, intricate lore, and spot-on game design. The game was also immediately praised by fans after its 2015 release, and it’s still loved by many today.

Given its success and reception, many fans look forward to a sequel, Bloodborne 2. If you happen to be one of them, here’s everything you need to know about Bloodborne 2’s release date, story, and the platforms on which it’ll be available.


When Is Bloodborne 2 Coming Out?

At the moment, there’s no official announcement regarding the release of Bloodborne 2. There’s also no confirmation whether or not a sequel will be made in the first place. Bloodborne’s developer, FromSoftware, seems to be focused on Armored Core 6 and Elden Ring DLC for now. The mecha game is set for a 2023 release window, so until then, FromSoftware will most likely have its hands full.

After that, Bloodborne 2 might be developed, but we can’t say for sure. FromSoftware does a great job of keeping secrets when it comes to its projects, so it’s hard to tell what its next games are going to be. Still, a sequel isn’t entirely out of the question, given the success of the original and other similar recent titles like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Elden Ring. If they don’t push through with Bloodborne 2, then FromSoftware might settle with a Bloodborne remaster or PC port.


What Could Bloodborne 2 Be About?

Since there’s no word of a sequel, no one knows what Bloodborne 2’s story will be. For now, we can only speculate what the game can be about. Bloodborne 2 can potentially expand the game’s world, going beyond Yharnam. This gives room for the developers to deepen the lore and develop a new immersive story for the players.

Bloodborne 2 might also follow the events of the first game, continuing the story of your main character there. However, the first game has multiple endings, so they’ll have to pick which one is canon for the sequel. It’s also possible that Bloodborne 2 will follow an entirely new protagonist to prevent any complications with the first game.


What Platforms Could Bloodborne 2 Be On?

Since Bloodborne was a PlayStation 4 exclusive, it’s easy to assume that Bloodborne 2 will also follow the same path and come to PS5. However, FromSoftware has been releasing its games on multiple platforms recently, which means it might be the same for Bloodborne 2, but this is very unlikely as the Bloodborne IP is owned by Sony.


Who Could Develop Bloodborne 2?

We can all agree that there’s a high chance FromSoftware will develop Bloodborne 2. They’re also the ones who created the original Bloodborne and other souls-like games. Furthermore, FromSoftware is basically the one who started the whole souls-like genre, so there’s no one else best suited for the job than them. That said, they’re very busy right now, so Sony may end up giving the IP to someone else to work on.

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