Biggest Upcoming PS4 Games of 2018 & Beyond

PS4 Games 2018

Well, 2017 is nearly in the books and we are once again hearing about how George Michael has given his heart to someone for Christmas. It’s been a good year for gaming, with many fantastic releases hitting the shelves in the recent months and 2018 is set to really blow us away yet again. Although the list of games is huge, I have narrowed it down to these few entries as the PS4 games we are most excited for in 2018.


Monster Hunter: World

Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Platform(s): PS4, XB1, PC
Release date: January 26th, 2018

Capcom have taken a huge risk in making the decision to move their highly successful franchise from portable gaming and back onto consoles. The Monster Hunter series has a huge following and focuses on the player traversing through a fictional world as they track, hunt and eventually kill numerous creatures that look a lot like dinosaurs.

Trailers for Monster Hunter: World look fantastic, with the world being highly detailed and each creature looking as individual as the next. You must also track and kill each creature differently, relying on your instinct and clues in-game to be able to bring them down.

But have Capcom taken too much of a risk here? Only time will tell on this one, but judging by the success of previous games and the hits that the trailers have had on YouTube, this game is shaping up to be spectacular.


Dynasty Warriors 9

Developer: Omega Force
Publisher: Koei Tecmo
Platform(s): PS4, XB1, PC
Release date: February 8th, 2018

The Dynasty Warriors series has a love/hate relationship amongst the gaming community. A hack and slash game that is based on the popular novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, it allows you to play as an officer for one of the major kingdoms as you try to unit ancient China under one rule. For years, it has followed the same format with the gamer playing through certain levels, with some levels having been present since the series began.

For Dynasty Warriors 9, the developers have taken a drastic new format and have made this game open world. Now, you are able to take your playable character and traverse China, choosing to either side with one kingdom or acting as a mercenary. It looks outstanding and they have also introduced a number of brand new characters for you to play as, something which the series does well.

I strongly believe that this is what the series needs, allowing the player to really play the game the way that they have always wanted to. I love the series, and always have done, and I am really looking forward to seeing how the new format works.


Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Developer: Warhorse Studios
Publisher: Deep Silver
Platform(s): PC, PS4, XB1, Mac
Release date: February 13th, 2018

Kingdom Come: Deliverance has been billed as a hyper-realistic RPG set in the medieval times; a time when knights roamed the countryside, beating each other with sticks and rescuing fair maidens. With many quests having a time limit to complete, insane combat and a beautiful open world to explore, this title is beginning to look like a Skyrim fan’s wet dream.

Featuring a storyline that looks to have been ripped straight from one of Shakespeare’s plays, you play as a young boy in the Holy Roman Empire as you set on a quest to avenge the death of some family member. With the ability to take part in single duels, huge battles and actually live the life of a knight in the medieval times, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is so far promising to raise the bar in the RPG genre.

Depending on who you listen to, Kingdom Come is starting to look like the game For Honour should have been, however, the developers are already plugging additional items if you pre-order the game; something that’s starting to look a little suspicious.


Far Cry 5

Developer: Ubisoft
Publisher: Ubisoft
Platform(s): PS4, PC, XB1
Release date: March 27th, 2018

The Far Cry series has experienced a lot of ups and downs in recent years, with Far Cry 4 lacking the charm of its predecessor and Far Cry Primal being a good game that lacked any real story. Far Cry 5 looks to have reversed all that, pitching you against a religious cult that has taken over the fictional Hope County and forcing everyone under a rule of fear. With a greater focus on multiplayer and the promise of the ability to bring all out chaos to the game world, as well as an element of character customisation, the Far Cry universe has never been more appealing.

But with all that being said, Far Cry 5 has recently been delayed due to the success of Origins (if you believe that). I am starting to become concerned that this game will be stacked with microtransactions and has become so caught up in the hype train that we will see a game that will undoubtedly play well, but will be lacking in more ways than one.


We Happy Few

We Happy Few
Source: gamespot

Developer: Compulsion Games
Publisher: Gearbox
Platform(s): PS4, XB1, PC, Mac
Release date: July 26th, 2018

I actually bought this game on the Xbox One in its Preview form, and I loved every second of it. We Happy Few is an open world game that is set in an alternative dystopian 1960’s Britain where the population is kept in check with Joy; a drug that simulates happiness and removes any depressive thoughts.

It is the concept and design of this game that interests me now as it did when I played it many moons ago, I found that the gameplay was incredibly difficult with no real objectives or hints to help me through. With the game now set for a full release, it just goes to show that crowdfunding can be a huge asset in any developer’s arsenal if they choose to employ it correctly.

The developers have promised an engaging story mode, a range of difficulties including survival mode, We Happy Few is set to be one of those games that will either make a huge impact, or will slowly fade away into the darkness.


Red Dead Redemption 2

Publisher: Take-Two
Developer: Rockstar Games
Platform(s): PS4, XB1
Release date: Fall 2018

Rockstar decided to postpone RDR2 until late 2018, stating that they wanted to ensure the game was worthy of its predecessor. However, I will call shenanigans on that after seeing the huge update they have just released for GTA V as well as the ability to unlock a weapon that is compatible with both games.

It is fair to say that the first game was a masterpiece in its own right and the story of John Marston went down in the gaming history books. We can expect more of the same from Red Dead Redemption 2 with more interesting characters and a true slice of life in America’s Wild West. I am also looking forward to a huge online gaming world (should this be the direction that Rockstar choose to go) as GTA V online is possibly one of the best blueprints for online gaming, but to me, Los Santos is really starting to lose some of the appeal it once had.


Detroit: Become Human

Detroit Beyond Human

Developer: Quantic Dream
Publisher: SIE
Platform(s): PS4
Release date: Spring 2018

A game that looks to be the bigger brother of games such as Heavy Rain and Until Dawn, we step into a futuristic look at the world when AI has been perfected and humans live among androids. Trailers for this game have been doing the rounds on the internet now for a fair few months, and every time I watch them, either in my local game store or whilst waiting for a YouTube video to start up, I am beginning to feel more intrigued.

Set up to provide huge questions about the morality of using androids to conduct daily chores, as well as using them to try and negotiate with people, seems to be the true angle they are working on here. The developers have also promised numerous ways to play this game, with more different endings than my love life, which will keep people coming back for more. Due to the success of Heavy Rain and in more recent years, Until Dawn, Detroit: Become Human is set to be another fantastic addition to this niche market.


Kingdom Hearts 3

Developer: Square Enix
Publisher: Square Enix
Platform(s): PS4, XB1
Release date: Fall 2018

Kingdom Hearts is what would happen if Disney and Final Fantasy decided to have a baby. An RPG game that sees you travel to various Disney worlds and fight off the Heartless, whilst making many friends and enemies in the process. Although the games are pretty cheesy in parts, they are still great fun to play, and with nine games in the franchise, it still remains a huge hit.

Kingdom Hearts 3 has been stuck in development hell for what seems like an eternity, but Square Enix have recently teased a brand new Toy Story world, and I must admit it is starting to really shape up.

However, I would like to see them return to basics with this franchise, removing all the irritating features and mini-games and return to a pure story driven game. Kingdom Hearts 3 has the potential to really bring this outstanding series to a new generation whilst bringing back the characters we have loved since our childhood.



Developer: SIE Bend Studio
Publisher: SIE
Platform(s): PS4
Release date: Fall 2018

Days Gone has been a game that we have been teased with now for two years, making a name for itself and generating a ridiculous amount of hype at E3 both this year and last year. Although very little is known about the overall plot of the game, what we do know is you play as a member of a biker gang as you travel between outposts in a world that has been decimated by a plague that has turned humans and beasts rabid.

The overall feel of the game feels like it has been ripped from a weird crossover of World War Z and The Walking Dead. With a story mode set to contain a huge amount of twists and turns, combined with the fact you are finally able to play as a bounty hunter in a twisted post-apocalyptic world, Days Gone looks set to be awesome.

However, one concern I have with this game is the hype that surrounds it and whether or not the developers are going to be able to produce a game that will live up to it.


God of War

God of War PS4

Developer: SIE Santa Monica Studio
Publisher: SIE
Release date: Early 2018

God of War is one of those games that isn’t ashamed to be as violent and as graphical as possible and over the years, fans of the Playstation have come to love the angry, body painted Spartan. 2018 will see a new addition added to the franchise, where we follow a beard wielding Kratos and his son as we explore a world that has been inspired by the fantastic Norse mythology.

For the newest instalment in the series, we have been promised a very new Kratos; one who is sick of the violence, with the game moving in the direction of storytelling instead of all out violence. Following similar in game combat mechanics as its predecessors, we have been promised a story that will reveal the other side of a man who won a place in all of our hearts as the violent type.

The Norse world that has been created for us looks like a darker, twisted version of Skyrim, with the horrors that all Vikings see in their nightmares being brought to life on our screen.


The Last of Us 2

The Last of Us 2

Developer: Naughty Dog
Publisher: SIE
Platform(s): PS4
Release date: TBA

The Last of Us remains one of the best games that has ever graced our consoles and was, for all intents and purposes, perfect. The story of Joel and Ellie captured the hearts of thousands of gamers around the globe, and many are excited to find out that we are now expecting a sequel.

Although any real information regarding the plot has been kept hidden, we know that it follows Ellie and Joel once again as they try to survive in a world that has been torn apart.

However, there is one burning question that seems to stay at the back of anybody’s mind who has played this game – does The Last of Us really need a sequel?

Naughty Dog really need to do a good job of this to remain true to just how fantastic the first game was, and although we were disappointed we didn’t see any footage at this year’s E3, I believe that this is a good thing as it shows that they are doing everything they can to make The Last of Us 2 as good as the other.

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