Bethesda Officially Announce Rage 2, Gameplay Reveal Tomorrow

Rage 2

After two leaks, one for the game itself and one for its teaser trailer, Bethesda have finally officially announced the arrival of Rage 2 with a teaser trailer.

The sequel to the polarising open-world shooter RPG has long been teased with Bethesda even suggesting that it could be a thing as far back as 2016. While the original game was by no means a classic, it tried some interesting ideas but ultimately didn’t set the gaming world alight.

Here’s the teaser:

In addition to the teaser, Bethesda also revealed that a gameplay trailer for the game would be arriving tomorrow, May 15th at 3:00pm BST/4:00pm CEST.:

“The world of RAGE 2 comes to life with our new announce trailer!

“The official gameplay reveal for RAGE 2 will release right here tomorrow, May 15. Stay tuned for more information about the return of the wild world of RAGE.”

The trailer certainly fits the aesthetic of Rage, like Mad Max but lavished with glo-sticks from a Klaxons concert. I played Rage when it initially came out and liked it a lot — for a little while. Here’s hoping Bethesda and (presumably) id Software can build on the original game.

UPDATE: Bethesda have published a new page on their website for Rage 2 which includes the cover art and synopsis for the game.

Rage 2 box art

“Dive headfirst into a dystopian world devoid of society, law, and order. RAGE 2 brings together a true open world FPS experience where you can go anywhere, shoot anything, and explode everything.”

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