14 Best Xbox One Accessories To Get The Most Out Of Your Console

Want an upgraded controller or fancy futureproofing for Project xCloud?

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These days, you can’t just buy a console. There’s a mountain of accessories available for all types of gamers that are designed to make your gaming experience more tailored to your preferences, or just designed to make your consoles look cool. There’s a lot of those, too.

The Xbox One in particular has a host of accessories, some of which are from Microsoft themselves, while others are available via third party companies. Better still, there’s plenty of cheap accessories available that are beneficial to all players, though if you’ve got a bit of cash to spare, there’s some premium accessories to buy too. Here’s all the best accessories for the Xbox One.



Best Xbox One Accessories

Xbox one s

– Xbox Elite Controller Series 2
– Design Lab Controllers
– LTGEM Hard Carry Case for Xbox One Controllers
– PC Wireless Adapter
– Adaptive Controller
– Seagate Hard Drive
– Havit RGB Wired Gaming Headset
– Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 With Superamp
– Venom Play and Charge Kits
– Venom Twin Docking Stations
– Numskull Xbox One Multi Function 5 In 1 Docking Station / Console Stand
– Mudder 20-Pack Thumb Grips
– Fosmon Xbox One Mini Keyboard

1. Xbox Elite Controller Series 2

It wouldn’t be a list of the best Xbox One accessories if we didn’t throw a mention to the Elite Controller, so let’s kick this article off talking about it. The Elite Controller Series 2 in particular is a huge improvement on the first version, including adjustable thumbsticks, backpaddles, rubberised grips, shorter hair triggers and more, making it one of the best controllers ever made.

2. Design Lab Controllers

Xbox Design lab

If the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 is a little bit too bland and vanilla for you, there’s always Xbox Design Lab. While prices vary depending on the level of customisation you’d like to include on your controller, you’re able to create millions of different combinations, allowing you to own a controller that’s unique to you.

3. LTGEM Hard Carry Case for Xbox One Controllers

While Elite Controllers come with their own carry cases, everyone else will have to shell out for their own if they want to protect their controllers when on their travels. The LTGEM Carry Case will set you back a couple of quid, to be fair, but the hard outer shell and foam interior will ensure your controller is suitably protected.

4. PC Wireless Adapter

If you’re planning on using the Xbox controller for your PC, the wireless adapter is worth checking out. It’s pretty cheap, and you can enjoy PC games without cables getting in the way. Sure, the adapter might not have much of a use outside of that, and you can always just use a normal USB cable, but it’ll be handy to somebody, so it’s worth mentioning.

5. Adaptive Controller

Adaptive Controller

More of a niche product, as the Adaptive Controller is catered to those with disabilities that’d ordinarily block them from experiencing video games. It’s not designed for everyone, but if you know somebody who’d like to play video games but can’t due to any physical constraints, the Xbox Adaptive Controller is perfect.

6. Seagate Hard Drive

With games taking up more and more storage space, an external hard drive is becoming much more of an essential purchase, and if you have an Xbox One, you can’t get a better hard drive than Seagate. With reasonable prices, along with the fact that Seagate Hard Drives are often developed with the Xbox in mind, they’re incredibly easy to recommend.

7. Havit RGB Wired Gaming Headset

For those who plan on taking games online, you’ll need a headset to talk to people, and if you don’t have the cash to splurge, the Havit RGB Wired Gaming Headset should offer great value for money. Sure, it doesn’t do the job as perfectly as some more expensive headsets, but it’s a decent piece of kit regardless.

8. Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 With Superamp

As for those who have a small fortune of disposable income, the Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 with Superamp is one of the best headsets money can buy. The ear cushions are incredibly comfortable, and cancel out all external noise, while the speakers give an impressive amount of audio quality. If you’re looking to avoid getting shot from behind in a battle royale, this headset will help. The Superamp also lets players balance their game and chat audio experience to their liking.

9. Venom Play and Charge Kits

Constantly purchasing batteries can be a real pain, so a play and charge kit is almost essential. While the official Microsoft play and charge kit is great, the Venom kit offers both quality and quantity at half the cost. With two sets of rechargeable batteries and cables, you’ve always got a spare should the first break.

10. Venom Twin Docking Stations

If you prefer to keep your organisation a little bit neater, with less cables everywhere, the Venom Twin Docking Stations are the best way to experience rechargeable gaming. You just need to leave your controllers in the station to charge when they’re not in use, and with space for two controllers, you can just pick up the second controller if the first dies. Plus, both Venom products come in white and black, depending on the colour scheme of your controller and console.

11. Numskull Xbox One Multi Function 5 In 1 Docking Station / Console Stand

Numskull 5 in 1

Alright, here’s the big one. The Numskull 5 In 1 Docking Station / Console Stand contains a docking station for two Xbox controllers, while providing a snazzy vertical stand for your Xbox, a cooling fan designed to reduce the likelihood of your Xbox overheating, and a little shelf to hold up to 12 games. Best part: it’s pretty cheap.

12. PowerA Xbox One Controller Phone Clip

With Project xCloud rising in prominence, phone clips for your Xbox One controller are going to become more and more popular. The PowerA Phone Clip will allow you to attach your smartphone to the top of your controller, like any other phone clip, with flexible options to support all kinds of phones.

13. Mudder 20-Pack Thumb Grips

The Xbox One Elite Controllers come with thumb grips themselves, but for those who can’t afford the full price controller, you can purchase some thumb grips that’ll help improve your in-game accuracy. The Mudder 20-pack comes with a variety of brightly coloured grips for an incredibly affordable price, and they’re easy to install to boot.

14. Fosmon Xbox One Mini Keyboard

Okay, let’s be honest: we’re all tired of entering our email address and password into the various apps available on consoles, or using the Xbox’s digital keyboard to send messages to your friends. The Fosmon Mini Keyboard offers a full QWERTY keyboard that plugs directly into your controller, and is compatible with most headsets, so it’s not like it gets in the way. You probably don’t think you need it, but you know you do.

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