Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 For Xbox One REVIEW – The Expense Of Excellence

The premium price tag might put off most, but they're a great investment for those with the cash.

Elite Pro 2
Elite Pro 2
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September 16, 2018
Turtle Beach
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Gaming headsets can be a costly investment, as they’ve gone from simply being the means to talk online with your friends to offering enhanced and immersive auditory experiences that can further engage with a game’s world or give you that competitive edge in online games.

Turtle Beach have always offered the best headsets for both communication and game sound and the Elite Pro 2 + SuperAmp package is no exception. Working with prominent competitive eSports teams like OpTic Gaming and more, Turtle Beach have created a headset that offers unparalleled performance and usability, but for a premium most would consider to be too much.

The Elite Pro 2 headset is a large metal beast of a headset, but it’s surprisingly lightweight for its size, which is only a benefit when you have to wear the bloody thing. The headset also manages to fit comfortably over my massive melon, so that’s another point to its credit.

Extended play sessions did lead to some pain and irritation around the ears, but that’s been the case with any over-ear headsets I’ve owned, and to the Elite Pro 2’s credit, it still feels more comfortable than my usual pair of LucidSound LS20’s, largely because of the generous ear padding. That said, I’d still recommend quick breaks every hour and half to be on the safe side.

As for actual audio quality, the 50mm Nanoclear speakers ensure you can hear everything going on around you. In particular, the surround sound capabilities are fantastic and perfect for battle royale games, especially if you’re as much of a happy camper as I am. Being able to tell which side of the house I’m currently hiding in is being assaulted, or hearing where a vehicle is a approaching from, proved to be incredibly handy when playing PUBG and Blackout. Also Fortnite, if that’s your bag.

The headphone speakers and noise cancelling microphone also meant that communication was improved between myself and my team, as both my voice and the voices of my teammates were much clearer. Still, that became a detriment when someone decided to munch on some crisps in SMITE game chat.

One of the key features of the Elite Pro 2 is the SuperAmp, which at a base level allows you to control the volume through a fancy dial equipped with LED lights. It doesn’t sound all that impressive, but through Bluetooth and the Turtle Beach Audio Hub mobile app, you can fully control your auditory preferences to a minute detail.

The level of options available to tinker with in order to find an audio setup that’s right for you is fantastic, as you’re able to adjust the scale between game audio and voice chat, whether you can hear mic feedback or enable Superhuman Hearing and Chat Boosts to really increase how much you can hear.

It’s almost overwhelming how much there is to play around with, as there are also presets for different gaming genres, options that cater specifically for streamers and more, so you might have to experiment with your settings on a game by game basis.

The Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 is quite clearly a top of the range product, but it’s still tough to recommend this headset to anyone who isn’t a dedicated professional player or just has a spare £220/$249 lying around. It’s a lot of money for what it is, and the options available and set up required can feel overwhelming at first, but you’d be comforted by the knowledge you have the best headset available.

Casual players will scoff at the triple digit price tag, as is their right to do so. There’s plenty of headsets available that do the same job, but the Elite Pro 2 does the best job, so in that sense, the price tag makes sense. For streamers and competitive players, the Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 is a worthwhile purchase.

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Elite Pro 2
Though the premium price tag is a barrier to more casual players, they're not the intended audience. This is a hardcore piece of kit for hardcore players, and on that front, it succeeds on every level. Headset provided for the purposes of review.