Slashers And Sororities: 10 Best Kills Of Scream Queens

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What would happen if you threw Mean Girls, Heathers and Scream into a blender? The result would likely be something that closely resembles Fox’s Scream Queens.

Created by Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy, who are best known as the creators of Glee and American Horror Story, Scream Queens offers a horror comedy which is hilarious but also incredibly violent and loopy. The fashions worn by the cast and the retro pop soundtrack really ad to the mix as well so what we end up with is a cartoony gore fest.

From Red Devils in season one to Green Meanies in season two, Scream Queens has no shortage of over-the-top murders. In fact, three occur within the pilot episode alone. This is a list of the ten best kills.


10. Dr. Scarlett Lovin

Episode: Lovin the D

Fatality: Dr. Scarlett Lovin

Cause of death: Poison

Green meanie Wes decides to kill Chanel by poisoning her coffee (presumably a pumpkin spice latte), so he mixes up the poison into the coffee cup, attaches a fake note from her boyfriend, Dr. Brock and leaves it where she will find it. The only problem is that Chanel doesn’t end up drinking it – Dr. Scarlett Lovin does. She immediately starts frothing at the mouth then drops dead.


9. Gigi Caldwell

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Episode: Thanksgiving

Cause of death: Decapitation

What’s better than a turkey at Thanksgiving? How about a human head, served on a silver platter? We find out in this episode of Scream Queens that Gigi is actually in cahoots with at least one of the red devils. They share a Thanksgiving feast then the red devil decapitates Gigi and serves her head up to the Chanels. They wouldn’t have eaten anyway, as by now everyone knows that Chanels only eat cotton-wool balls.


8. Miss Bean

Episode: Pilot

Cause of death: Deep fryer

Chanel decides to scare her fellow Chanels and sorority pledges by pushing Miss Beans face into the deep fryer. Little does she realise that the fryer is switched on, resulting in Miss Beans face being fried. It is one of the most gruesome of all the deaths as she clutches at her deep-fried face and pulls layers of skin off.


7. Dodger

Episode: Pumpkin Patch

Cause of death: Abdominal wound

On Halloween, Roger, his twin brother Dodger and Chanel #5 find themselves being chased by a red devil through a hedge maze designed to be an exact replica of the one in Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining. The red devil eventually catches up to Dodger and disembowels him with a pair of hedge shears. It is one of the goriest deaths in the series.


6. Chanel #2

Episode: Pilot

Cause of death: Stab wound to the back

The brilliant part about this kill is that the entire thing takes place via text message. Chanel #2 gets a text message from a red devil, asking if he can enter her bedroom. Once it becomes apparent he plans to kill her, she texts him, telling him not to. She then moves to her laptop and begins posting a help message online via social media, begging someone to help her. She survives long enough to hit ‘send’.


5. Jennifer the candle vlogger

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Episode: Mommie Dearest

Cause of death: Stab wound to the back of the head

Poor Jennifer loves nothing more than scented candles. She is busy posting an online video about her most recent purchase when a red devil creeps up behind her and then stabs her in the back of the head with a butcher’s knife. The aftermath makes this kill particularly worthy of this list – she is later found on the dining room table, having been turned into a sort of gruesome wax sculpture centrepiece.


4. Addison (Chanel #9)

Episode: Blood Drive

Cause of death: Acute blood loss

Chanel convinces Chanel #9 that she must donate blood because it will help conquer her needle phobia. To stop her running away, she straps #9 to a hospital bed then hooks her up to an IV and steps out of the room, leaving her all alone. Later, when #9 is found, a green meanie has attached her to dozens of IVs and they have completely drained all her blood.


3. Truck Driver

Episode: Ghost Stories

Cause of death: Multiple stab wounds

Just like the urban legend, Chanel #5 is driving down the road when a truck behind her starts sounding their horn. She pulls over and discovers that the driver was trying to warn her that he could see a red devil sitting in the back of her car. The red devil stabs him in the back multiple times and then hacks into his stomach with a machete.


2. Marguerite (Chanel #7)

Episode: Lovin the D

Cause of death: Hanging

Chanel #7 is walking down the hospital corridor when she randomly finds a plate of snickerdoodles just sitting there. Not being able to resist, she crouches down and begins to eat them. This is when a green meanie lowers a noose from the ceiling and then hangs her with it. She is later found suspended in the middle of the corridor.


1. Tiffany “Deaf Taylor Swift” DeSalle

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Episode: Pilot

Cause of death: Decapitation

The best kill in the show award goes to that of Deaf Taylor Swift. As part of the sorority hazing ritual, several of the pledges are buried up to their necks in the front lawn. A red devil soon appears driving a ride-on mower and everyone begin screaming. Everyone except for Deaf Taylor Swift, that is. Because she can’t hear them, she thinks the others are singling a (duh!) Taylor Swift song. Within moments her head is cut clean from her body.

Any other Scream Queens kills you think should have made the list? Let us know in the comments!

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