15 Best Gifts For Gamers For Christmas 2018

From instruments to really cool cardboard, here are some of the best gift ideas for the gamer in your life this Christmas.

gifts for gamers

With the big day on the way (no, not Take it in the Ear Day on December 8th), you might be getting your way through your Christmas shopping quite handily. Or, if you’re a normal human being: completely struggling to find something for so many different people. Luckily, if you know anyone of the geekier persuasion then there’s no shortage of gifts for gamers you can check out.

We’ve compiled a broad range of gifts for the controller-bashers in your life, ranging from the games themselves to gaming merch and even some cardboard — don’t worry, it makes sense. If you’re scratching your head for gift ideas, at least one of the choices below is sure to make a great Christmas present.


Best Gifts For Gamers

1. Humble Monthly Subscription

Humble Care Package Bundle

Humble Monthly is a great way to get a huge wedge of new PC games and old at a low price. The headlining games are typically newer and announced ahead of time, but you can always find some quality when the rest of the bundle is fully released. If you know someone with an addiction for filling out their Steam library, this might just be the perfect option.

Buy Humble Monthly


2. Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2

The biggest game of 2018 is no doubt going to be on many gamers’ wishlists this Christmas. Featuring a gigantic map of the Old West to explore and a level of detail and customisation rarely seen in a video game, Red Dead Redemption 2 is as much something you live inside of as it is an outright game. If you want to keep someone busy for weeks, Red Dead Redemption 2 is more than worth it.

Buy on PS4 or Xbox One


3. Insert Coin Clothing

Songbird T-shirt

You have no shortage of options if you want gaming t-shirts, but they can often be a mixed bag. The guys at Insert Clothing always deliver the goods with designs that feel more like classy homages than tacky branding and cover some of the biggest franchises in all of gaming. Ideal for anyone who has serious love for games and wants to show it off in style.

Browse their range here


4. PlayStation VR

buy Playstation VR

If you know someone with a PlayStation 4, a PlayStation VR headset is one of the best peripherals to go with it. Virtual reality looks great on the PS4 and has arguably the best selection of experiences of any platform. It’s also the cheapest and best-supported option to boot. If you want more info, be sure to check out our PSVR guide.

Buy on Amazon


5. Xbox One Controller

Xbox One Controller

The Xbox One controller is widely-regarded as the best controller on the market with it having plenty of usefulness for even those who don’t own an Xbox One. It’s the most widely adopted controller on Steam (PC gaming), so if you know someone who likes to kick back while they play games on their computer, an Xbox One controller is the natural option.

Buy on Amazon


6. Displate Metal Posters

Displate metal posters

Displate are well-known for creating posters unlike any others out there. A quick browse through their gaming range will show you exactly why: not only are they made of the best metallic materials to make them stand the test of time, but they also feature designs that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. Their catalogue is pretty varied and huge, so dive on in.

Check them out here


7. Logitech G502 Gaming Mouse

Logitech G502

Some people spend a lot of money on a gaming mouse when they really don’t need to. Logitech are known for producing quality PC accessories at affordable prices and the G502 is probably their most beloved after being adopted by streamers and professionals alike. Featuring high customisability and a supremely satisfying grip, the G502 is a better mouse than many other options many more times more expensive.

Buy on Amazon


8. Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2

By no means a cheap gift, the Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 is the premier in gaming headsets for a console gamer. With unmatched audio, comfort, and options to play with, its price tag is warranted as well as the fact that it’s been designed with pros, for pros. Maybe don’t let any children and their sticky fingers near it though, eh?

Buy on Amazon


9. PlayStation Classic

PlayStation Classic

The most-anticipated mini-console of the year may not have the twenty games most people would have picked as their PS essentials, but the PlayStation Classic looks like it will have plenty to appeal to the PlayStation fans in your life. This little piece of emulated history comes with two controllers and can connect to any modern television no sweat. Now all you need is a bunch of FILA, Pot Noodles, and a long session of Tekken to really replicate the olden days.

Buy on Amazon


10. Super NES Classic

One of the mini-consoles that really kickstarted the trend, the Super NES (or SNES) Classic is one that’s going to be a good fit in the home of any Nintendo fan. Featuring some of the greatest games of all-time and some charming throwback multiplayer fun, the Super NES Classic almost always goes out of stock as soon as it’s available so get ordering soon.

Buy on Amazon


11. Super Mario Odyssey Cappy Hat

Super Mario Cappy

Continuing the Nintendo trend, this Cappy hat is going to make a great gift for any gamers who loved Mario’s most recent adventure, Super Mario Odyssey. Based on the sidekick that can possess other beings, this piece of merch unfortunately will not have the same effect in real life but will no doubt be appreciated all the same. You could probably even store a Switch in it.

Buy on Amazon


12. Fallout Vault Boy Bobblehead

Fallout Bobblehead

This will probably be better received by the Fallout fan in your life than the new game in the franchise that just released. The Vault Boy is the series’ mascot and this Bobblehead is a replicate from the game itself in which they are collectibles. It’s a neat little gift idea but one that will still no doubt be appreciated by those who want to be watched over while they wander the wasteland.

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13. Ocarina of Time & Song Book

Ocarina of time

Now here’s a gift for gamers we can’t believe isn’t on Christmas wishlist each and every year: a replica of the ocarina seen in the iconic The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time. While you may not be able to get the absolutely best sound quality when used as instrument because of the price, the song book will have you travelling back in time before you know what’s happening.

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14. Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass

Know an Xbox One gamer and want to save them a whole heap of money? Then you should probably check out getting them a Game Pass subscription, which will give them access to all of the platform’s new console exclusive games as well as a constantly growing library of third-party titles. It’s difficult to ascertain just how much money you may potentially save, but it’s a lot.

Buy 12 months of Game Pass


15. Nintendo Labo


Only Nintendo could sell cardboard to gamers and get away with it. Labo for the Switch is far more than it seems, however, offering new ways to play games by changing the shapes of the cardboard for things like motorbikes, pianos, and more. It’s a great gift for a younger gamer, allowing them to unleash their creative side and have fun at the same time.

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