Berserk: Season 3 – Everything You Should Know 

Will the abominable CGI animation be making its return or will we finally be blessed with a remake?


Often named the greatest manga ever made, Berserk has had disastrous luck when it comes to anime adaptations. The 1997 adaptation received critical acclaim, while the 2016 and 2017 sequels paled in comparison. Even so, is Berserk: Season 3 out of the question?

Officially, Berserk: Season 3 hasn’t been announced. The first two seasons were subjected to surreal levels of criticism with regard to the art style and pacing, and that’s why even years later the anime’s future remains unsure. Still, here’s a look at everything we could potentially see in Berserk’s third season.


When Is Berserk: Season 3 Coming Out?

Berserk: Season 3 hasn’t been confirmed to be in production, so unfortunately, it does not have a release date. Many years have passed since the second season aired, and there’s still no word on what’s next. Despite that, if we were to make a decisive guess, we could see the anime return in 2024.

The reception to the recent seasons wasn’t very good, and that makes a really strong case that a third season might never happen. But well, nothing’s really impossible, and that’s especially true when it comes to anime, especially considering we’re in the middle of one the industry’s biggest ever boom periods.


What Is Berserk: Season 3 About? (Spoiler Alert)

The last episode of the second season covered the events in Chapter 249 of the manga. According to that, Berserk: Season 3 will begin from Chapter 250 onwards and continue the Millennium Falcon story arc right up until its end.

Guts’ caught up in a heated debacle with the Vandimion family, and that eventually leads to his duel with Serpico. Emperor Ganishka also announces war on the Holy See, but in a turn of events, Guts ends up teaming with the opposing party and this leads to a devastating war in the empire. Due to this, the supernatural world begins to merge with the natural one, and so monsters from all corners start to appear.


Which Studio Is Making Berserk: Season 3?

If we’re talking about Berserk: Season 3, the sequel to the 2017 adaptation, specifically, then Liden Films, GEMBA, and Millepensee will probably be responsible for animation again. While it may sound like great news, that’d actually be gut-wrenching, to say the least.

The latest seasons of the Berserk anime franchise have been shunned and laughed at due to the extremely awful CGI visuals, and it’s clear as day that nobody wants a sequel if it looks anything like its predecessor. Liden Films is a good studio, they’ve made wonderful animation in Tokyo Revengers and Goblin Slayer: Season 2, but with Berserk, the poor production choice has left the series in ruin. Getting Studio MAPPA or perhaps Ufotable to animate a remake would actually be a far better idea.


Where Will Berserk: Season 3 Be Aired?

Crunchyroll comes up as the company holding the license to the latest adaptations, so that’s where Berserk: Season 3 is likely to air. However, as Netflix also has every season including the 1997 adaptation of the series available, there’s a strong chance that you’ll see the third season streaming on Netflix too.

Calling the 2016 and 2017 adaptations of Berserk underwhelming might be an understatement. The story is the finest we’ve seen, no doubt, but the terrifying CGI animation left many decades-old fans traumatized. Therefore, it’s pretty obvious that the fandom might go nuts if a third season was announced, instead, a remake would also make everyone go nuts, but in a good way.

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