Bayonetta PS4 Trophies: Difficulty & Time To Platinum

The witching hour is afoot.

Bayonetta 1

Finally out on February 18th on Sony’s console after previously being available on almost every platform going, Bayonetta on PS4 provides some witching good times for action fans, as well as a pretty robust selection of trophies to unlock.

From completing the game on multiple difficulties to pulling off some supreme feats of skill, Bayonetta’s Platinum is going to be no joke to unlock. For anyone who played the game on the PS3, the trophy list is identical, so maybe don’t try it again unless you really, really love Bayo. You do? Go right ahead, then.

Here are those Bayonetta PS4 trophies in full. Strong spoilers follow.


Bayonetta PS4 Trophies

We’ve embedded a video above which details how you can earn yourself a Platinum Medal within the game, which may be one of the hardest things.

Acquire All TrophiesAcquire All TrophiesPlatinum
A Primer In The Magical ArtsComplete the VestibuleBronze
Fortitudo, Bringer of FlameDefeat Fortitudo on any difficultyBronze
Temperantia, Manipulator of WindDefeat Temperantia on any difficultyBronze
Justitia, Giver of LifeDefeat Justitia on any difficultyBronze
Sapientia, Controller of SeasDefeat Sapientia on any difficultyBronze
Master of the HeavensDefeat Father Balder on any difficultyBronze
Taste of the Witching HourComplete all Chapter on any difficultyBronze
Chapters 1-4 (Normal)Complete Chapters 1 through 4 on Normal DifficultyBronze
Chapters 5-7 (Normal)Complete Chapters 5 through 7 on Normal DifficultyBronze
Chapters 8-11 (Normal)Complete Chapters 8 through 11 on Normal DifficultyBronze
Chapters 12-13 (Normal)Complete Chapters 12 through 13 on Normal DifficultyBronze
Umbra WitchComplete all Chapters on Normal DifficultySilver
New Testament: Ch. 1-4 (Hard)Complete Chapters 1 through 4 on Hard DifficultyBronze
New Testament: Ch. 5-7 (Hard)Complete Chapters 5 through 7 on Hard DifficultyBronze
New Testament: Ch. 8-11 (Hard)Complete Chapters 8 through 11 on Hard DifficultyBronze
New Testament: Ch. 12-13 (Hard)Complete Chapters 12 through 13 on Hard DifficultyBronze
New Testament: Close The BookComplete Chapters 14 through the Epilogue on Hard difficultyBronze
Umbra ElderComplete all Chapters on Hard difficultySilver
Legendary Dark WitchComplete all Chapters on infinite Climax difficultyGold
I'm A Bit...I Mean WitchExecute A Torture AttackBronze
Feels Good, Doesn't It?Execute 50 Torture AttacksBronze
You Want To Touch Me?Engage Witch Time successfully 10 timesBronze
Nice TryEngage Witch Time successfully 10 times consecutivelySilver
Platinum!Earn 10 Platinum Medals. Must be earned in 10 different battles.Bronze
Double, Double, Toil and TroubleCreate 20 ConcoctionsBronze
Tread Not So SoftlyKill an enemy by jumping on top of themBronze
Nice And RelaxedAvert 10 enemy attacks with the Moon of Mahaa-Kalaa equippedBronze
Touch And It Will HurtCounter 10 enemy attacks with the Moon of Mahaa-Kalaa equippedBronze
Touch And It Will REALLY HurtCounter three enemy attacks consecutively with the Moon of Mahaa-Kalaa equippedSilver
Come Here, Little BoyTaunt and defeat five plus angered enemies while taking no damageBronze
Wicked WeaverExecute a Wicked Weave attack while using Dodge OffsetBronze
Wicked Weave MasterExecute 20 Wicked Weave attacks while using Dodge OffsetSilver
The Deepest CutKill 20 enemies using only Iai-Jutsu with ShurabaBronze
Higher And HigherWhile never setting foot on the ground, grab enemies 10 times while using KulshedraBronze
The Ice WitchFreeze 20 enemies while wearing OdetteBronze
Seeker of MagicPurchase three new techniquesBronze
Commander of MagicPurchase all new techniquesSilver
Record CollectorObtain three complete Angelic Hymn Gold LPsBronze
Record FanaticObtain seven complete Angelic Hymn Gold LPsSilver
Treasure CollectorDiscover half of all the Umbra Witches' final resting places.Bronze
Treasure FanaticDiscover all of the Umbra Witches' final resting places.Silver
The Path To The HeavensDiscover all Alfheim portalsBronze
Angel May CryComplete half of all Alfheim PortalsSilver
Angel SlayerComplete all Alfheim portalsGold
Truth In Its Purest FormCollect all of Antonio's NotesSilver
Naughty TentaclesDestroy all of the tentacles that drop down together during a single sequenceBronze
A Mother's LoveDefend Cereza during the out of body experience, ensuring she takes no damageBronze
Fire The AfterburnersEarn Platinum Medals during Verse 1 and Verse 2 of Chapter 14Bronze
Just In The Nick of TimeDodge the runaway streetcar during Chapter 2Bronze

Number of trophies: 50
Platinum difficulty: 9/10
Time to Platinum: 50 hours

Bayonetta is out on PS4 and Xbox One on February 18th having previously been available on PC, PS3, 360, Wii U and the Nintendo Switch. It’s bundled with Vanquish as part of the ten year celebration of both games.

From our Bayonetta and Vanquish review:

“The Bayonetta & Vanquish 10th Anniversary Bundle combines two utterly fantastic games into one affordable package. If you haven’t played either game, this is your chance to fix that.”

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