Battlefield V: 5 War Stories We Want To See

Battlefield V

I thoroughly enjoyed the Battlefield 1 War Stories. They gave a varied perspective on the different theatres of the Great War and those who fought in them and also introduced you to different characters, weapons and locations which you could explore in your own time.

When DICE revealed the new content for Battlefield V earlier on this week, they spoke about what the War Stories meant to them. How you, as the player, were able to create your own ‘Battlefield moments’ and putting the war into perspective. That was the case in Battlefield 1 where we were able to play in a wide variety of locations, many of which I had never heard of prior to playing the game.

What I took away from the live reveal was that the Battlefield team want to tell stories about men and women who changed history; they wanted us to experience the ‘untold’ stories of people who fought in World War 2. Battlefield V’s War Stories came across as letting the player explore new and different locations but also giving them a sense of how the Second World War affected everyone and also keeping the player grounded in reality, showing them that it is not about all explosions and death, but also about emotion and moral choices.

One of the War Stories that we know is going to be in the game is the story of a female Norwegian resistance fighter. Fighting the German occupation of her home country; showing that not all battles were fought in faraway places nor were they fought by organised Divisions and Battalions. Many people had to contend with the fact that death and destruction was happening in their own backyard. I think that going in this direction, having us play as a resistance fighter, will allow the player to appreciate that many people were subjugated under Nazi rule for almost the entire war. Having the player take on the guise of a resistance fighter would mean that you would, possibly, have to consider that your actions could put your friends and loved ones at risk.

Here are five War Stories I would love to see in Battlefield V.


5. Russian Conscript at Stalingrad

Battlefield V

When I played the very first Call of Duty back in 2003, I was bowled over by the American, British and Russian campaigns. Not only were the campaigns amazing to experience because of their attention to detail and sound quality but they were also great to play as you really felt like you were playing your part in the war. I loved how you were exposed to three very different theatres and three very different lives; the Russian campaign in particular was very enjoyable.

Battlefield V should let you play as a recruit thrown into the fiery maelstrom of the Battle for Stalingrad. It would bring to life all that is so incredible about battlefield: the sheer level of detail, the sounds, and the destructible environment, all of which would make for an incredibly enjoyable and challenging story. I think it would make an ideal War Story. To follow the progress of a young recruit as they survive at Stalingrad and maybe have the ending as the eventual encirclement and surrender of the German 6th Army which ultimately turned the tide of the war against the Nazis. It would also serve to highlight how desperate and violent the battle was for Stalingrad.


4. German Soldier at Stalingrad

Battlefield V 5

Following on from my first entry, having a German perspective on the Battle for Stalingrad would tie in very well. With one story ending this War Story could begin with the German capture of Stalingrad and end with the capture of what was left of the German 6th Army.

You should play as a German NCO (Non-Commissioned, Officer) someone who has spent years in the Army and has been away from home for a long period of time. This War Story would serve to highlight the different weather systems that can change a battle in a matter of moments. It would also enable the player to experience the battle for the very heart of the city through a different perspective. I think that adding a German War Story, something that was lacking in Battlefield 1, would make for a more inclusive and immersive experience.


3. British SOE Operative

Battlefield V 5

Special Operations Executive (the forerunner to MI6) were responsible for training and dropping agents into Nazi Occupied territory. It would make for the perfect War Story to take control of a young man or woman as they dropped into enemy territory with one objective: destroy enemy infrastructure.

The Story could introduce players to maps that they might encounter in the multiplayer part of the game but it would also show the player another part of the war, a part that had people going to incredible risks just to obtain vital information or to destroy enemy facilities. It could even be similar to those missions in the first Call of Duty in the British campaign where you took to destroying Dams and Battleships.


2. Commonwealth Fighter Pilot during the Battle of Britain

Battlefield V 2

Continuing on the theme of introducing players to different parts of the war and the people that fought them, playing as a commonwealth Fighter Pilot is a must and especially during the Battle of Britain. Similar to the Battlefield 1 story of the American Airman, it would effectively train players in how to handle the Spitfire or Hurricane. I feel that a War Story of this kind has to be in the game because the odds the RAF were up against were astronomical and those who fought against the Luftwaffe were incredibly brave and their sacrifice should be remembered accordingly.

I also feel that the player should be playing as a Commonwealth Fighter Pilot because it wasn’t just British Airmen that fought the Battle of Britain. It was Canadians, South Africans, Indians, and Jamaicans along with non-commonwealth members such as Belgians, Polish, Free French, and Americans etc. The War Story could encompass the desperate need for pilots during the Battle of Britain along with the lack of resources at their disposal but it should always remained focussed on the fact that it wasn’t just British airmen defending Britain.


1. British/French Soldier at Dunkirk

Battlefield V 2

Thanks to the film of the same name, there has been more recent studies of the British and French efforts at Dunkirk and I feel that it would be a fitting tribute for the player to play a War Story about a British or French soldier defending Dunkirk and then trying to escape the eventual encirclement.

It could be split into three parts. The beginning could focus on how the British were in full retreat and in complete disarray, to bring the player into an environment that is full of chaos, having you conduct a fighting withdraw in the face of a relentless German onslaught. The middle could be you defending the town of Dunkirk and the end could be your character running for the boats and trying to get out.

Some other War Stories worth noting could be the landings at Sword, Gold and Juno beaches, the North African campaign, and the Japanese occupation of Singapore amongst others but there are almost too many to mention. What kind of War Stories would you like to play when the game comes out on October 19th? Do you think that the War Stories are just minor distractions from what Battlefield is famous for chaotic multiplayer battles? Or are they an integral part of the new Battlefield games? Let us know in the comments below.

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