Bandai Namco Teasing Gamers to “Prepare to Dine”

Namco bandai

It would appear that the good people behind Dark Souls and Tekken are whetting our appetites once again with not just a brand new game but perhaps a brand new IP.

The developers released a new teaser trailer simply titled ‘New Project’ and it comes with gothic horror elements, animated with a unique drawing style and all the hellfire, big monster scares that come with a Bandai Namco game with the hashtag #preparetodine.

Whilst Bandai Namco has said little more about the project and whether this will be set in the Dark Souls universe, let alone if it will be a new IP, but judging by the looks of this promising trailer, it slightly disappoints me this probably won’t be the Gordon Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen simulator that I so desperately need in my life.

We will know much, much more come April 20th when the developer will have a press conference over the game.

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