BAFTA 2020 Winners Predictions: 1917 To Claim The Big One?

Will 1917's "homegrown" status help it out?

1917 movie

This Sunday, the BAFTAs will announce their winners for the year in film, and it’s been a fun year. This awards show in particular may be a hard one to nail down. A few categories, like the Oscars, feel up in the air, but some are pretty much set. Here’s my two cents for how I think it goes down.


Rising Star Award

The Farewell movie

Prediction: Awkwafina

This one is voted on by the public, and after her snub at the Oscars, Awkwafina is the likeliest to win. I wouldn’t bet against her here.


Best Visual Effects

Avengers Endgame

Prediction: Avengers: Endgame

The BAFTAs tend to go more toward popular blockbusters, so I think Avengers: Endgame is the safe bet here. If 1917 really goes on a tear, that could add this category on the wins pile, but I think they’ll spread the love.


Best Sound

Prediction: 1917

1917 is my pick here, though Ford v Ferrari (titled Le Mans 66 here), could be an upset winner.


Best Makeup and Hair


Prediction: Bombshell

Bombshell wasn’t too fondly looked at here, but I think this category will be one place it is awarded.


Best Production Design

Prediction: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

This is a close race between Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and 1917, but I’ll go with my Oscar prediction here as well: Hollywood.


Best Costume Design

Prediction: Jojo Rabbit

I am going to go with an upset here and pick Jojo Rabbit, which was well liked here at BAFTA, despite missing the Film and Directing categories. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and Little Women will both be fighting for this one, too.


Best Score

Prediction: Joker

Joker has my vote here. Like the Oscars, 11 nominations shouts volumes for how much the voters liked it. 1917 and Thomas Newman do have a good shot, but I wouldn’t bet against Hildur.


Best Editing

Ford v Ferrari

Prediction: Ford v Ferrari

With no Parasite here, I’ll go Ford v Ferrari. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is a possible upset winner here, as is The Irishman, but “fast cars go zoom real fast” sounds like the likelier bet to me.


Best Cinematography

Prediction: 1917

1917 will definitely win this one.


Best Casting

Once Upon A TIme IN Hollywood

Prediction: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

For the inaugural winner in this category, this is a two way race between Marriage Story and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Even though the equivalent, the SAG Ensemble prize, did not pick Hollywood, I think the Brits will, especially since Parasite was not included.


Best Documentary

Prediction: For Sama

Since its Oscar snub, Apollo 11 has been cleaning up at the various awards shows, but I expect BAFTA to pick a film that’s also up for Best British Film and Best Foreign Language Film, For Sama. It doesn’t hurt that For Sama is also an Oscar nominee, and Apollo 11 isn’t. American Factory could also be an upset winner in this category, so this will be one to keep an eye on.


Best Foreign Language Film


Prediction: Parasite

Parasite. Next.


Best Animated Feature

Klaus Movie

Prediction: Klaus

Toy Story 4 will be a big contender here, and could easily win. However, my gut says that the Annie winner, Klaus, will be a surprise winner at BAFTA, too. If it does win here, I’d be shocked to see it lose the Oscar.


Best Adapted Screenplay

Prediction: Jojo Rabbit

The BAFTA voters have been known to pick some winners in this category that don’t win at the Oscars, like The Theory of Everything, Lion, Philomena, Silver Linings Playbook, and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. Jojo Rabbit is my pick here, even though I’m going with Little Women at the Oscars. Greta could be strong enough to win here, too, but Jojo might be irresistible to the voters.


Best Original Screenplay

Parasite movie

Prediction: Parasite

While mostly everyone has Once Upon a Time in Hollywood winning here, I think Parasite is actually ahead. Sure, it doesn’t have as much support as Hollywood, but I’ll go with an upset. Plus it’s another way to have Bong Joon-Ho on the stage.


Best Actress in a Supporting Role

Prediction: Laura Dern – Marriage Story

Laura Dern has this one.


Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Prediction: Brad Pitt – Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

I don’t see Brad Pitt losing.


Best Actress in a Leading Role

Prediction: Renee Zellweger – Judy

Judy’s Renee Zellweger has this one in the bag.


Best Actor in a Leading Role

Joker 2019

Prediction: Joaquin Phoenix – Joker

Joaquin Phoenix makes this one four for four with the other acting categories across the season.


Best Director

Prediction: Sam Mendes – 1917

Sam Mendes has an IOU from BAFTA: he did not win the year of American Beauty, despite his winning at the Globes and Oscars. So that alone helps his case over Bong Joon-Ho and the other competitors. Plus it is 1917, so yeah.


Best British Film

Prediction: 1917

Another one that 1917 has for sure. The question is if they want to save Best Film for 1917 for the prestige factor and go with something like Rocketman or The Two Popes. However, I think like Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri, that won’t be a problem.


Best Film

Prediction: 1917

I’m split on this one. I can see Parasite winning here, especially since Roma won last year. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is also looking to rack up a lot of wins here as well, so that’s one to watch out for. And 1917 could be like Three Billboards and win both the film awards. I’ll say this happens for 1917 as well, and does take the top three honors.

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