Attack On Titan Season 3 On Hiatus Until April 2019

Attack On Titan
Attack On Titan

Following the release of Attack on Titan Season 3 Episode 12 on October 14th, it has been announced that the second half of Season 3 will air in April 2019.

This also comes alongside a new promotional image for Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2, depicting Eren finally witnessing the ocean with his own eyes.

Cultured Vultures spoilers

Part 1’s finale saw a promising future for humanity as the scouts prepare to reclaim Wall Maria, cheered by civilisation within the walls in an attempt to also discover the secrets of the titans in Grisha Jaegers’ basement. Surprisingly, this promising outlook was quickly diminished when fans were treated to an unusual and brief teaser of Part 2 cut between the credits of Episode 12.

A display of images including the Beast Titan were shown rapidly and then followed by an out of context scene showcasing Eren, Mikasa and Captain Levi all stood atop a building in shock and anger. Levi questions whether they have any idea what they’re doing before pushing Eren aside, enraging Mikasa into pressing her manoeuvre gear blade against Levi’s throat. The credits of the episode then resume leaving fans of the anime with many questions.

So far, Season 3 has adapted Volume 13 through to the midway point of Volume 18 and the remainder of the season can be expected to adapt up to at least Volume 22 considering the new promotional poster and the artwork for that particular volume.

Produced by Wit Studio, Attack on Titan began airing in Spring 2013 and was directed by Tetsurou Araki, director of the hit series Death Note for the entirety of Season 1. Masashi Koizuka took the helm of directing Season 2, though unfortunately for fans it didn’t arrive on screen until Spring 2017, however pre-production had begun in 2014. Masashi Koizuka continued directing Attack on Titan for Season 3 Part 1, which began airing in July 2018 earlier this year.

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