The Art of Frozen 2 REVIEW

Full of breathtaking detail, this book is sure to delight any fan of the films.

the art of frozen 2

Frozen 2 was released worldwide in cinemas at the end of November, and while the film is entertaining with its expressive characters and exciting plot, the visuals are breathtaking and they are what makes the film stand out among Disney’s other movies. The art book is no exception to this. The art from Lisa Keane, Jin Kim, Brittany Lee and the other artists are recognisable to any fan of Disney artbooks, and are sure to delight those who pick up The Art of Frozen 2.

A massive portion of the book is committed to the film’s main new features; the spirits. Air, fire, earth and wind get their own sections and each creative choice is explained, from the initial idea to how it is finally shown in the movie.

Something I didn’t even consider during the movie was the foliage, despite it being important to the movie’s overall look. Surprisingly, the book has a few pages devoted to the different types of trees and plants used. They also explain how they planted the trees, giving the shots a 3D feel. It’s a wonderful addition that I wasn’t expecting them to explore.

There are also a number of drawings of a young Iduna, Anna and Elsa’s mother. Several of them are her frolicking with the air spirit, and a description of her personality. While her adult self has a larger role in Elsa’s and Anna’s storyline, it leaves me wondering whether her younger self was going to have a bigger role in this movie, perhaps showcasing her initial relationship with a young Agnarr (Anna and Elsa’s father).

The most interesting section for me are the designs for Anna’s and Elsa’s clothing. The amount of detail that is given to each of their outfits is outstanding, especially the factors that won’t be noticed during the first viewing of the movie. For example, Anna’s maturity is shown through her clothing by having them be more rounded at the beginning and then becoming boxier by the end of the movie. There is also a single page that features Elsa’s final dress and it’s coated in a gloss that makes it pop; I can’t stop looking at it.

My biggest criticism with the art book is its lack of details surrounding the movie’s songs. Disney is known for their musical numbers, especially with the original Frozen movie, and its sequel has some impressive sequences with the music and the visuals. While there are a handful of images in the art book, there isn’t a dedicated section to the songs and the artistic choices made during them. It’s a little disappointing due the breath-taking beauty shown in ‘Show Yourself’ and the comedic gags in ‘Lost in the Woods’, and I would have loved to see the creative decisions behind those moments and the concepts originally planned.

The Art of Frozen 2 is stunning from front to back. The amount of detail will have readers and fans of the films scouring the pages in awe.

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the art of frozen 2
Just as beautiful as the movie, it does a wonderful service showcasing the amount of work and detail given to both the world and its characters.