Archie Comics Nearly Published a Metroid Comic Series

At least we're getting Metroid Prime 4.


Metroid and Archie Comics don’t exactly seem like a perfect match, but it was nearly a thing back at one point.

Artist Steven Butler revealed on Facebook that Archie Comics had commissioned him to create concept art for a planned Metroid comic series which they were hoping to publish. The book sadly never saw the light of day, with Archie instead giving us a Mega Man comic, although Butler did reveal his artwork for the planned series.


His three sketches depict series protagonist Samus Aran both unmasked and in her signature power suit. We also see her doing battle with her arch-nemesis Ridley, whose name is a not so subtle reference to Alien director Ridley Scott. In the games, the character is also known as the ‘The Cunning God of Death’, which is pretty much what Scott has now become to the Alien franchise.

After the fantastic Prime Trilogy and the somewhat weaker but still hugely enjoyable Other M, the Metroid franchise well and truly lost its way for a while. At least the recently announced games Metroid Prime 4 and Samus Returns look like they will both full-blooded returns to form for the series.


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