ALBUM REVIEW: Ben Abraham – ‘Sirens’

ben abraham sirens

Ben Abraham is a cinematic folk singer out of Melbourne, and is well on his way to becoming a household name. With his previous history as a screenwriter fueling his current songwriting and singing abilities, Ben Abraham is paving a new way with his emotional, heartfelt music. Though his parents experienced some fame with their own musical careers, Abraham is not set to ride their coattails. His talent and style are his own, and what he brings with his unique sound is something endlessly enchanting.

His debut album, Sirens, is simply magical. Lyrics designed to open a window to the soul and touch the heart, Sirens is nothing if not inspiring. Abraham describes this album as having a ‘story arc’ and that is honestly apparent to the listener. Where have I been? Who am I now? Where am I going? These questions seem to create the theme for the Sirens album. Who among us could say that theme doesn’t resonate within us? Not a one, I would bet.

When listening to this album, it would be easy enough to mindlessly whisper along to the words without really hearing them, but I’d encourage you to truly pay attention to the lyrics. The lyrics are the heart of the album, and what really strikes the soul. Clearly, Abraham is someone who has lived through the feelings he sings about, which is what creates such an emotional connection with his audience.

‘I Belong to You’, Abraham’s duet with Sarah Bareilles, is a beautiful melody, with a raw emotional quality that grabs your attention and doesn’t let go. Check out these lovely lyrics:

“And so I’ll sing this tune

 And I hope that you

 Will someday hear my lonely melody

 With only simple words

 Even simpler chords

 That’s all I have, you see

 Until you’re here with me”

Although I enjoyed all the songs on Sirens, I have to say I like this one, ‘I Belong to You’ the best. There is simply something in the lyrics and melody that stays in my heart long after I’ve listened. Abraham’s voice coupled with Bareilles’s is nothing short of pure magic. Their duet blends their voices in such a natural way, it’s a little difficult to believe they haven’t always been singing together.

The other song that really hit home for me was ‘Somebody’s Mother’, an achingly haunting song with such a sound of regret it’s almost tangible.

“What do I know

 What do I know about her

 I’ve called her an empress

 I’ve called her a tempest

 A force with no equal, no other

 I’ve called her an angel

 A rogue and a stranger

 But it just hit me now

 She was somebody’s mother”

It’s the sort of song that causes one to slow down and think, about the choices we make and the different faces we each wear. Who am I to everyone else? What part does that relationship play in the way I present myself to the world?

On the whole, Sirens is an album filled with thoughtful, introspective music designed to open the hearts of its audience to the truths we all share. This is a lovely album, and I’m looking forward to hearing more from this artist.

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