Alan Wake 2 – Where To Find Saga’s Sawn-Off Shotgun

She came, she sawn-off, she shot Taken in the face.

Alan Wake 2
Alan Wake 2

Saga Anderson might be one of the most competent and brilliant investigators that the FBI has to offer, but she’s never encountered a case quite like the one she’s wrapped up in as part of Alan Wake 2. Travelling to Bright Falls to investigate some ritualistic murders, she finds herself in the crosshairs of a murder cult, along with an army of lunatics possessed by an otherworldly force. Saga’s going to need all the help she can get, and the sawn-off shotgun she can acquire might just give her a fighting chance.

This is what you need to know in order to find Saga’s sawn-off shotgun in Alan Wake 2.


Where To Find Saga’s Sawn-Off Shotgun

The sawn-off shotgun can be acquired as early as chapter two, but you’ll need to put some effort in to actually obtain the weapon. While following the story in chapter 2, you’ll head back to Cauldron Lake, and will have to try to find Nightingale’s heart in the General Store. Once you enter the general store with this objective, you’ll be attacked by a massive Taken cult member. Defeat him, and head into the room he emerged from to obtain an inventory upgrade and see the shotgun in a display case on the wall.

The display case is locked by a three digit combination lock, so you’ll need to solve the combination in order to access the shotgun. In order to solve the code, you’ll need to head to the cashier’s stand, and you’ll see an area you can interact with filled with notepads and receipts. Using the information here, you can solve the puzzle of the combination lock.

If you’re just looking for the answer, it’s 739. The solution is to cross-reference the numbers on the notepad, which contain passcode combinations that have already been used, with the lottery numbers. The three digit codes on the notepad all start with 7, but the other two digits match the first four numbers of the lottery in ascending order, so use the 7+the fifth number (39) as your combination.

Alan Wake 2 is available right now on PC via the Epic Games Store, PS5 and Xbox Series X & S.

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