AJ Styles Lands the Styles Clash in a WWE Ring

AJ Style clash in WWE gif

Since his jaw-dropping debut at the Royal Rumble this year, there’s been a lot of discussion about how exactly AJ Styles will be packaged in the WWE. Will he be a top face? A midcarder? Will the funless prudes let him hit the Styles Clash, one of the the most dangerous finishers in all of pro wrestling?

After teasing it during the Royal Rumble match, it looked like we might have to wait as long as we did to see Hideo Itami land the DTS in NXT. Dragging it out the point of the audience responding in delirium when it finally happened would have made it feel like Styles had truly arrived.

Oh, nevermind, he hit it on Curtis Axel during last night’s Smackdown. That crowd do not deserve Styles.

Considering his small stature compared to most of his colleagues, Styles might struggle to hit it against a lot of them. In fact, it’s such a dangerous move that WWE might limit its use to protect its talent – they have enough shoulder injuries in the company  as it is.

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