Why the ‘Styles Clash’ Wrestling Move Needs to Be Banned

AJ Styles

I’m never usually the first person to grease up the pitchfork or to leave a comment on a Daily Mail article but this seriously dangerous finisher needs to be outlawed before somebody actually dies.

For the exact same reason why you rarely see a piledriver these days, any manoeuvre which end up with the opponent’s neck bent out of shape is probably not going to get by the health and safety officers. The Styles Clash finishing move from AJ Styles is one of the most reckless and easiest movies to get really wrong, as these two unlucky recipients below found out.

AJ Styles Botch GIF

AJ Styles Botch GIF

Looks pretty painful, right? It’s actually break-two-bones-in-your-neck painful as the wrestler in the second GIF found out. Yoshi Tatsu had his head in the wrong position and landed up in hospital thanks to the former TNA star who now plies his trade in Japan.

I’m all for wrestling botches when they’re hilarious and almost always involving Randy Orton but when lives are on the line? Not worth taking the risk. AJ Styles hasn’t just recently been botching the Styles Clash move, the video below was taken earlier in 2014 and he clearly hasn’t learned from it.

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