Agent 47 Targets A New Destination In Hitman’s Latest Episode

Hitman Sapienza

So not that long ago I did a piece on how Hitman had some slight delays, a few mishaps with the PC graphical settings and generally how the game is a little stale. So it’s with mixed feelings to tell you that the second episode of the game will be launching soon.

Next week, in fact. On 26th April to be precise. This particular episode does look rather intriguing as Square Enix have kindly launched a trailer showing off the new locale Sapienza.

Sapienza is a beautiful looking mediterranean town based in Italy, a country also renowned for its assassins. The level offers a more open and expansive layout than the previous Paris fashion mission in which you had to navigate the tight confines of a bustling building. Agent 47’s target this time around is a bioengineer who must be killed to prevent the spread of a deadly toxin.

As for my feelings on the game, I’m still a little underwhelmed. Since writing my last article, I have gone back to play some of the many player created contracts, some of which are just pure evil. But I’m not sure the episodic approach is settling with me.

Telltale Games have managed to produce an episodic approach to great success with their games based on TV shows/films with a big following. I’m not trying to say Hitman doesn’t have a big following, but asking fans to pay for a full price game only for them to wait every month is a big ask for a ‘AAA’ title.

But what do I know? Maybe I should be more patient and enjoy what Square Enix will throw our way. All I do know is I love Hitman and my mixed feelings should go away once I get back to killing my targets. I hope you’ve remembered your passport, 47, we don’t want any more delays.

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