A Million Little Things: Season 2 – Episode 6 ‘Unleashed’ REVIEW

Sometimes simply being completely honest and relatable is the best way to help others understand your situation.

a million little things unleashed

To sum up “Unleashed” in a word: bombshell. So. Many. Bombshells. It’s a lot for the mind to process, especially since it aired on Halloween night. However, there were definitely more tricks than treats in store for the gang of A Million Little Things.

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Astonishing would be an understatement, considering Katherine turns out to be the one that wishes to reveal the truth. Telling Delilah’s kids and her own son about Charlie’s origins would be a major game changer. However, is it for the right reasons? Just because it felt right for Katherine to tell her truth, it doesn’t mean it’s the right thing for all the people involved. I found it ironic that  earlier in “Unleashed”, Delilah confessed to Andrew that she wished she could own her mistakes-perhaps she and Katherine are operating on the same wavelength, though Delilah is far more reluctant to divulge the truth.

Katherine was already clearly struggling with some familial things, from whether or not to wear her wedding ring to babysitting Charlie. It’s clear she doesn’t hold any kind of grudge against Charlie, but it could have influenced Katherine’s decision that the other kids be told the truth. Babysitting Charlie could have stirred some kind of maternal instincts in Katherine-maybe not to have more children, but to connect the current children and be some kind of functional blended family.

That, and the fact that Katherine wants to honor Jon somehow. Delilah finally gave Katherine the gift that Jon left for her, and it prompts Katherine to reminisce about the days when she and Jon would talk. They could relate on a level no one else could-in that moment, I saw that Katherine had lost the friend who’d known her the best. Wanting to be honest could very well come from her desire to make it up to Jon.

Sophie, Danny and Theo could very well break down – especially the former two, as they’ve already lost their father. Finding out the truth about their mother could very well send them off the edge, and make them want nothing to do with their mother or their sister in the fallout. It could go any which way, the price is too high. Theo’s younger and may not take the news as seriously, but it could change his relationship with his father.

Then again, Katherine’s point about Jon living a lie is valid. If they live a lie, are they just repeating his mistakes, which may lead to another tragic ending? After everything this group’s been through, they obviously don’t want to undergo anything like it a second time. Nevertheless, the consequences of telling the truth may outweigh the consequences of keeping the lie-frankly, it’s not a light decision to make.

With the added possibility of PJ being Jon’s son, Delilah and her kids may already be facing a bombshell as it is. Rome believes it, and thanks to his meddling in Sophie and PJ’s first meeting, Regina now knows who PJ truly is as well – though we never did see her reaction. What kind of fallout will result from that? Will Regina be angry that Rome didn’t confide in her earlier? Will she be shocked, or will she believe it too?

It was concerning the way PJ was getting close to Sophie. Finding out more about Jon is one thing. For Sophie to trust PJ enough to tell him about the special Good & Plenty thing she had going with Jon, in which Sophie ate the pink candies while Jon ate the white, saving the leftovers for one another, was a big deal. She even included PJ in that tradition later in “Unleashed”.

Is this an attempt on the writers’ part to drop hints that PJ really is Jon’s son? The way he falls into easy conversation with Sophie? Or the fact that Sophie didn’t seem too creeped out when PJ held her hand? Either way, the Good & Plenty mention was a nice tidbit to throw into “Unleashed”, as lately it seems Jon hasn’t been discussed as much.

Jon seemed to intervene in a divine manner through the Good & Plenty thing – was he trying to connect his two children through it? It’s a nice thought. When PJ throws the empty candy box in the trash, he hears Gary’s missing dog, Colin. Was this Jon’s way of helping PJ get integrated into the group in addition to helping find Colin?

Whatever the reason, it definitely scored PJ some points with Gary for finding his dog. If PJ really is Jon’s son, he’s certainly on his way to getting an “in” with the group of friends. Maybe that was the point of PJ’s presence in “Unleashed” – making connections with his potential father’s friends.

Maggie losing Colin was the breaking point she and Gary needed to bring their issues to the surface. She can finally see she’s been relying too much on Eric, and though Gary was quite harsh with her, sometimes you need a wake-up call, however rough, from your loved ones to see the light. Maggie was replacing her brother with Eric-doing something like that only leads to more heartbreak, because it’s not real. Maggie has been too ignorant of Gary’s feelings, and it’s time she focused on someone other than herself.

Still, while she and Gary apologized to one another, they still didn’t dive too deeply into what’s been going on between them. Everything was brought to the surface in the heat of the moment. Things were said but the meanings behind them were not addressed. Not addressing these things could lead to another problem down the line for them. Gary had a good reason to be angry at Maggie. They need to acknowledge that.

There’s obviously something wrong with the solidity of their relationship. If losing Colin was enough to nearly break them up, that doesn’t say much for the state of what Gary and Maggie have. If it’s so fragile, they need to fix it before it gets any worse should they want things to last.

One of those things they need to sort out is Eric. Eric’s right-his presence has damaged Maggie and her family. It’s not his fault, it just is what it is. Yet, for Maggie to move on from her grief and repair things with Gary, she needs to learn to let go. Eric being in her life is holding her back.

The way the friends came together to support Gary and find Colin was the most beautiful part of “Unleashed.” It magnifies the friendships they share and how far they’ll go to help one another out.

I wasn’t totally into how “Unleashed” painted Eddie to be the “new Jon”, so to speak. Eddie taking on the role of supporting Gary, something Jon used to do, was a touch much. It’s like Jon was being replaced. Plus, Eddie doesn’t strike me as the best choice. No one is perfect, but Eddie is the furthest from perfect and he’s still trying to repair his own life. He’s not exactly fit to be any kind of version of Jon, though I will say he did a good job of being there when Gary needed him.

Likewise, Eddie leveling with the cop that pulled Gary over was a cool moment. Sometimes simply being completely honest and relatable is the best way to help others understand your situations. Chances are, they’ll get it and maybe even help, like the cop did.

The sad thing is that after all the trouble the gang went through to find Colin, Gary may lose his precious pup anyway. Gary found Colin when he needed emotional support the most, having just lost Jon. It would be devastating to find out your dog belongs to someone else, because it means having to give up your best friend – even harder, a best friend that helped you get through one of the most difficult times in your life like Colin did for Gary. Doing the right thing is usually the hardest, but it’s the best thing to do. Hopefully Gary makes the right decision, and hopefully Colin’s previous owners will allow Gary to see Colin whenever he can.

Perhaps one of the most important parts of “Unleashed” was Delilah participating in a podcast for life after suicide. It was so short, especially when it should’ve been a major point-Delilah’s speaking out about her story for the first time. That’s no easy feat. It seems like an opportunity missed, especially when Delilah professes that she blames herself so deeply.

It was also an opportunity brushed over. Andrew confesses that he lied to Delilah. His wife is still alive, and he even takes Delilah to see her in the hospital. Was he trying to overshadow Delilah’s grief that was brought up over the podcast? Was he trying to relate to her on some level? Was he being selfish and talking about himself? What’s with all the secrets and lies when it comes to these two? I wouldn’t trust Andrew if I were Delilah.

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a million little things unleashed
Certainly many things were “Unleashed” this episode. The thing is, it may not be for the best. It’s too much, too soon, to be unleashed - and Delilah’s life after suicide story was given too long a leash to be properly explored.