7 Biggest Upcoming Video Games of March 2017


Full of pancakes and patiently awaiting chocolate eggs, we see many new titles on the horizon this March. Some from well-established franchises like Mass Effect and Ghost Recon, but also some titles for the upcoming Nintendo Switch. In fact, five games from the Nintendo Switch launch lineup. Switch Switch Switch Switch Switch, Switch Switch Switch Switch.

Let’s get started.


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – March 3rd

Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Wii U

This is sure to have a huge attach rate at launch thanks to few putting down the dosh for the Nintendo Switch without also picking up Breath of the Wild: the first new Zelda console game since Skyward Sword in 2011. In a month where a new console is to hit the shelves, you can be sure that the Killer App will feature here; Breath of the Wild deserves to be on this list for reasons beyond that, though.

BotW has introduced mechanics that have never before been witnessed in the franchise and that is exciting for one reason. It’s Nintendo. Nintendo are, and have been since the SNES, at the top of the game developing scene. A lot of these mechanics have featured in other franchises, but Nintendo often add a dollop of special sauce and their mantra of never releasing a game unfinished will hopefully hold true here, despite the Season Pass (Another Legend of Zelda first). Oh, and it’s on Wii U as well.


Snipperclips – March 3rd

Developer: SFB Games
Publisher: Nintendo
Platforms: Nintendo Switch

This game is jolliness; two snippy little guys solving a series of fun puzzles. The premise of Snipperclips has great couch co-op appeal and also makes what appears to be good use of the Joy-Con. Not that a price should dictate the worth of a game, it is fairly cheap and worth a gamble if you’re playing with friends. Plus with extra modes for four players that haven’t yet been showcased, this game might have even more packed into it than originally anticipated.


Fast RMX – March 3rd

Developer: Shin’en Multimedia
Publisher: Arc System Works
Platforms: Nintendo Switch

A HD remake, Dafydd? Really? Bear with! There’s a little known game called Riptide GP 2 on current gen consoles and, in my humble opinion, it is bloody fantastic. It proves that third party developers can recreate classic Nintendo experiences; Fast RMX appears to be proof that it’s possible to make a mechanically tight F-Zero in 2017. So while Nintendo are asleep at the wheel, Shin’en Multimedia are driving forth in top gear with a 1080p 60fps racing game at launch on the Nintendo Switch. Now who thought you could say 1080p 60fps racing game and Nintendo in the same sentence and not get laughed out the room?


Super Bomberman R – March 3rd

Developer: Konami, HexaDrive
Publisher: Konami
Platforms: Nintendo Switch

Going back to basics has never looked so fun. Super Bomberman R looks to be a fresh take on an old formula, with a fully fledged campaign alongside an addictive multiplayer to boot. Nostalgia would be enough for some to dive back into Bomberman’s shoes, but those more familiar with the more recent titles in the series have a right to be wary. Rest assured, I firmly believe that is going to be a sleeper hit that we’ll be playing for the rest of the year. This game will depend on a solid and fluid multiplayer mode for its success and early gameplay videos gift enough evidence in favour of a quality launch title for the Nintendo Switch.

1-2-Switch – March 3rd


Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Platforms: Nintendo Switch

I know what you’re thinking and stop it. Stop thinking it. Hear me out for just a moment. Should this have been a free game in the box? Yes. Is it worth £40 for a bunch of mini-games? Yes. Can you play it with more or less than two players at a time? No.

However, for your £40 you get what appears to be a genuinely fun and innovative title that is the first example of how to fully utilise all of the Joy-Con capabilities. From the HD Rumble to to the IR Sensor, every bit of tech crammed into those tiny controllers is showcased in these 28(ish) mini-games and gift a glimpse into the many possibilities available to developers. The ‘filthy casuals’ among us should have immense fun with this title and while it may have attracted the ‘core’ audience with the Warioware name attached to it, if you close your eyes you can just pretend!


Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands – March 7th

Developer: Ubisoft
Publisher: Ubisoft
Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One

The names Tom Clancy and Ghost Recon evoke a great nostalgia for great squad-based shooters and tight mechanics. With Wildlands, Ubisoft are hoping to broaden their scope with the first open-world Ghost Recon title that looks far removed from the days of Advanced Warfighter. You and up to 3 friends can explore the ‘expansive, gritty and vibrant backdrop’ of Bolivia as US Elite Special Operations with the objective of destabilising the corrupt government. If you didn’t enjoy Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter but thought Just Cause 3 shouldn’t have emphasised fun over realism, then this might just be the game for you.


Mass Effect: Andromeda – March 21st

Source: Forbes

Developer: BioWare
Publisher: EA
Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One

Andromeda is a game that should have generated a lot more buzz as its launch date becomes increasingly imminent. Alas, after a cumbersome marketing campaign and the salty taste that still remains from the original Mass Effect 3 ending, it appears that this AAA title may just be sneaking up on us. If this game can deliver on the level of storytelling in Mass Effect 1 with the improved mechanics from 2 and 3, this game will survive. However, it may have to exceed all expectations if it is to have the same form of success that its predecessors enjoyed.

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