50 Best Games of 2017: #30 – Everybody’s Golf

Everybody's Golf PS4 review
Everybody's Golf

Developer: Clap Hanz, SIE Japan Studio
Publisher: SIE
Platform: PS4

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Doesn’t it just feel like the world is going mental? In light of recent events, it’s beginning to feel like there’s very little left in this world that’s good and pure. But don’t worry, because Everybody’s Golf is here to soothe your worrisome mind.

With its cutesy, anime inspired visuals, accessible gameplay and an atmosphere fit to be described as “relentlessly upbeat”, Everybody’s Golf is the perfect way to unwind and forget about the horrors of the world, even if for a moment.

As mentioned in our review of the game, Everybody’s Golf is just that: golf for everybody. No matter your age, gender, sexual preference or gaming experience, you can pick up a controller and start having fun. The game even introduces modifiers like Mega Cup to ease new players into the swing of things. No pun intended. Or totally intended. I’m not sure any more.

Though we gave it a 7.5/10 in our review, Everybody’s Golf offered plenty of new and innovative ideas for the golf genre, chief amongst them being the Free Course mode. Dozens of players sharing the same nine holes, hitting off of the same tees, smashing golf carts into each other and generally causing enough tomfoolery to get you thrown out of any self-respecting clubhouse.

The Turf War mode takes full advantage of that chaos, pitting 20 players against each other for golfing supremacy. Each hole becomes a contest for points, as both team compete to earn more points than the other. As Churchill once said: “We shall fight them on the landing grounds, we shall fight them on the front 9, and the back 9”. It’s true, look it up.

All in all, Everybody’s Golf is something wholesome in a year full of horrid shite. If you’re looking for some positive vibes in your life, you could do a lot worse than this.

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