5 Simple Absolver Tips For New Prospects

Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting.

We’re quite fond of games about people that kick and punch a lot. Well, I am at least, and Absolver fits that bill. It’s a 3D fighter/adventurer that combines elements of Dark Souls, Destiny and a smidge of God Hand to create something fresh and, most importantly, fun.

That being said, there are certain things that first-time players would find useful to know. If you’re looking to take a dive into the kung fu fighting world of Absolver, especially now that it’s recently launched as part of Xbox Game Pass, here are five simple Absolver tips that’ll aid you in your quest.



Absolver PS4 review

The main crux of Absolver concerns your main character learning new martial art moves to use on other opponents. However, the only way to learn is to block that move a bunch of times, then defeat your opponent to cash in the experience points. As you level up, you unlock new combo move slots, which we’ll talk about later. It stands to reason that if you already have a surplus of moves saved up, you can hit the ground running later on.


2. Do Not Mash Buttons

Absolver PS4 review 3

Button mashers have no place here in Absolver. We’re all guilty of it when it comes to beat ‘em ups, me especially, but it’s a habit that needs to be conditioned out of your system. During combos, pressing an attack button at the right moment will cancel the recovery animation of the previous move. You can tell it worked when your character flashes gold. Essentially, players who utilise careful and considered button presses will produce a more sustainable offence than someone slapping their palm across the controller.


3. Learn Your Stances/Combos

Absolver PS4 review 3

Absolver’s combat revolves around switching between four stances, with each stance boasting different basic and alternative attacks. The basic attacks are your bread and butter combo strings, whilst the alternative attacks are powerful moves that automatically switch stances. If you want to maximise your combo potential, you need to understand your customisable movelist and what attacks lead into what stances. A simple example would be utilising two stances for fast, low damage basic attacks, with a guard breaking alternative attack linking the two. The scope for experimentation is there, if you’re willing to put some time in the lab.


4. Know The Map

Absolver map
Source: Reddit

Perhaps the most important tip, in Absolver and in life, is to be aware of your surroundings. After you complete the tutorial area and find yourself at Guidance Bridge, you see the game map in front of the altar. It’ll appear at every altar you visit from now on, and it’ll tell you the locations of all the bosses in the game. Even if it’s not the most highly detailed map in gaming history, it’s your best tool for finding the correct path. Make use of it. This sounds like common sense, but I don’t care to admit how long it took me to take this advice on board.


5. Follow Other Players

The age old trick of getting someone bigger and tougher to solve your problems. One of the key features of Absolver is the online world you inhabit. You’ll often encounter fellow players that will come to your aid should you find yourself surrounded by enemies. You can then ask to co-operate with them, taking on the world together, or engage in a friendly duel. Even if you don’t want to party up with strangers, the best advice when starting out is to follow your fellow players. More than likely, they’re on their way to the next boss which you can take down together, or they’ll help you get the lay of the land. Either way, it pays to not be a lone wolf.

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