5 Potential Odd Couple Tag Teams In WWE

Who could pair up for a season of fun tag team wrestling?

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With WWE having its largest roster of all time, not everyone is guaranteed to get a shot as a singles wrestler. We have seen in the past two singles wrestlers stuck together as a team and become as popular as they’ve ever been. Tag Teams like The Bar, Team Hell No and the New Day were really just put together with not a lot of ideas of where to go. This worked out really well for these superstars because they put the work in to make the best of the situation.

With this huge roster at WWE’s disposal, here are five superstar pairings that could work out in today’s landscape. Make sure you leave your own suggestions in the comments below.


1. Lio Rush and Cedric Alexander

Kota Ibushi and Cedric Alexander
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Since the backstage fallout with Lio Rush, we haven’t seen anything from the Man of the Hour. Rush has quickly become one of the most entertaining mouth piece characters, whilst not taking anything away from his wrestling ability. He is an incredible high-flyer that works well with many different types of individuals.

Cedric Alexander has been a disappointing project on the main roster so far. Starting out with putting on an incredible performance in the Cruiserweight Tournament in 2016, Alexander quickly took over as a major face on 205 Live. The only significant things that we have seen from Alexander on the main roster is a 24/7 Title reign that lasted around 30 seconds and just this week teaming secretly in the main event of Raw with Roman Reigns. This is a huge step back from how over he was in the Cruiserweight Tournament with fans chanting and pleading for him to get a WWE contract.

Alexander and Rush share some very similar attributes. Both are very keen in the high flying department and share a certain swagger when they perform. If Lio Rush ever comes back to the WWE, adding these two together could create a team similar to Paul London and Brian Kendrick. Both men need new opportunities and the tag team division could be just the location.


2. Chad Gable and Apollo Crews

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Tag team wrestling and Chad Gable have a rich history together. He really made his name in professional wrestling as one half of the tag team American Alpha alongside Jason Jordan. Since splitting with his long-time partner, Gable has had a difficult time gaining any traction as a singles competitor. He has had a Raw and Smackdown Tag Team Championship reign with Bobby Roode and Jason Jordan but there always seemed like there was no clear direction after both title reigns. He has a great ameteur wrestling background and can pull out some pretty good one liners on the mic. Adding a high flyer to complement his amateur wrestling style could bring this team to the top of the Smackdown Tag Team Division.

Apollo Crews is a part of the ever growing list of NXT superstars that never got the big push on the main roster. He has a physique that beats most of the superstars and is incredibly athletic for his size. We have seen Crews join the ranks of Titus Worldwide, and he was at least given a bit of television time and made the most out of the opportunity.

The professional wrestling world has rarely seen a tag team based on one wrestler with an amateur wrestling background and the other based around high flying. The combination of Gable and Crews could show to be a huge hit with fans of technical wrestling while adding the excitement of an aerial attack.


3. Elias and Lars Sullivan

WrestleMania 34 Elias

First things first, Lars Sullivan will be out for the foreseeable future with a knee injury, but when he comes back, a move into the tag division could be a possibility. Sullivan was thrown into this role of a monster who just crushes people and looks incredibly strong doing it. He still needs certain aspects of his work developed and working alongside a slightly more seasoned performer like Elias could be just what he needs to get the next step into his career.

Elias has gotten incredibly over with the audience with his promos and musical performances, but it hasn’t landed him much success in the championship aspect. He has one 24/7 championship reign under his belt but he seems more than ready to compete for one of the major championships. Adding a monster as protection could be just the concept that gets Elias into the World Championship conversation. Both could learn valuable things from each other, and we see more and more heels thrive with the bodyguard type partner so it could be a win-win situation.


4. Luke Harper and Killian Dain

These two look like they were cut from the same cloth; Killian Dain would almost compliment Harper as much as Rowan did for all those years in the Wyatt Family. The former SAnitY member has now made a return to the NXT brand, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t return to the main roster in the near future.

Luke Harper has had his fill of backstage drama and his return to WWE is in serious limbo. WWE seems to have him locked down in his current contract so this combination might not even be possible but the imagery of these two teaming together is downright frightening. He is an incredible throwback to an old school brawler who can mix in a high-flying move here and there. This isn’t very off-base from how Dain competes inside the squared circle. Both men have the huge gruff, beardy look, both performing a pretty impressive suicide dive and together they would be a great team to pit against other giant tag teams like the Authors of Pain and the Viking Raiders.


5. Eric Young and AOP

Eric Young
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Possibly a SAnitY 2.0? Most people would agree that the Authors of Pain have simply been skimming their wheels on the main roster: they were a top tier team in NXT and now we rarely see them on television. The one big takeaway in NXT was that they had a veteran manager in Paul Ellering that worked as the mouthpiece of the team and let them focus on being the huge monsters they are. They tried to stick Drake Maverick to AOP but that never caught much traction.

The same path could be stated for Eric Young and his former stable, SAnitY. Neither Young nor the Authors of Pain have any direction at the moment, each side has a distinct trait that could help each other in the long run. Eric Young has the cult-leader gimmick that could rally Akam and Rezar back to their former greatness.

Neither sides have been featured on television much in the past few weeks, so why not combine forces and create an actual threat? They could quickly become more popular than SAnitY ever was.

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