5 Best Moments From Clash Of Champions 2019

What popped you the most?

At WWE Clash of Champions 2019, the WWE Universe witnessed history as all championships were defended and two changed hands. We also saw the shocking return of the former Bludgeon Brother, Luke Harper, and The Fiend viciously attacked the Universal Champion Seth Rollins following his incredible match with Braun Strowman to close the pay-per-view.

Of all the events that took place, these are the five best moments from Clash of Champions that the WWE Universe are still buzzing over.


5. Drew Gulak Retains His Cruiserweight Championship

Without a doubt, the relentless and dominant Drew Gulak is the strongest Cruiserweight Champion 205 Live has had in years. He successfully defended his title against Humberto Carrillo and Lince Dorado in a great opener for the pay-per-view. One with the perfect mixture of high-flying action from the challengers, and methodical dissection from the champion.

Both Carrillo and Dorado were given the correct amount of time to showcase their skills and high-flying maneuvers, through a series of near-falls but were unable to win the match. The always resourceful Gulak managed to utilize a bridge pin to secure the victory and keep a stranglehold on the Cruiserweight Championship.


4. Bayley Cheats To Win

The story going into the SmackDown Women’s Championship match was that Bayley had recently turned heel a few weeks before. Yet she’s still promising to be the type of champion children can look up to. Her opponent was the nine-time women’s champion and hometown hero Charlotte Flair. Flair came right out of the gate firing on all cylinders, and Bayley was stunned. She attempted to mount a comeback but the challenger cut her off at every turn.

Their match only lasted about five or six minutes however what everyone will be talking about is the ending. While the official was distracted the crafty SmackDown Women’s Champion, took apart the turnbuckle padding and sent Flair headfirst into the exposed turnbuckle securing the pinfall to retain her title. Bayley scurried out of the ring, sprinting all the way to the back. Each passing week, the huggable champion continues her descent to the dark side. When Flair recovered, she had a smirk on her face, I can only imagine she was saying “clever trick” in her head.


3. The Revival Won the SmackDown Tag Team Championships

The Revival was looking to dethrone the SmackDown Tag Team Champions Big E and Xavier Woods and do it in the most vicious way possible. In the weeks leading up to the pay-per-view, Dash and Dawson were running side-by-side with Randy Orton, terrorizing The New Day every chance they could. A few weeks ago, during a horrific attack, Orton forced the WWE Champion Kofi Kingston to watch as Dash slammed right down on Woods’ leg trapped in a foothold.

During the highly-intense tag team match, The Revival utilized their impeccable in-ring psychology to dissect and target Wood’s injured leg. After isolating Woods and brutally attacking him outside, Dash and Dawson turned their attention to Big E. The powerhouse of The New Day tried extremely hard to retain the titles but the numbers game caught up to him.

After The Revival hit the Shatter Machine to E on the outside, it was down to the resilient yet damaged Woods. After a shutdown of a potential comeback, Dash and Dawson took out his leg and the ending was academic at that point. The Revival hit the Shatter Machine however that wasn’t enough as they forced Woods to tap-out to an Inverted Figure-four Leglock to win the SmackDown Tag Team Championships.


2. Kofi Kingston Finally Got His Comeuppance

This was an incredibly hard choice to make because, in my opinion, this was right up there with “The Man” Becky Lynch whooping “The Boss” Sasha Banks’ ass all over the arena. It took Kofi Kingston ten long years but at Clash of Champions he finally beat “The Viper” clean in the middle of the ring to retain his WWE Championship.

The wily veteran Orton took his time as he picked apart the WWE Champion. Posing and taunting Kofi after every vicious maneuver, Orton underestimated Kofi and he paid for it, as the WWE Champion was pushed to his absolute limit. This was by far the greatest title defense that Kofi has had to endure throughout his title reign to date. The fifteen-year veteran even hit an RKO but Kofi wisely got his foot on the ropes.

Kofi kept on fighting and grinding to put away the thirteen-time WWE champion, and finally, he nailed one final Trouble in Paradise and secured the pinfall. Kofi consistently has proven that his WWE Championship title run is not a fluke and that he more than deserves to be in the main event spot. The fact that Kofi beat Orton clean in the middle of the ring speaks volumes into the company’s trust in him.


1. The Universal Championship Title Picture Is Heating Up


While everyone’s focus is rightfully on The Fiend’s shocking attack on the Universal Champion to close out the pay-per-view I was way more blown away over “The Monster Among Men” Braun Strowman’s monstrous performance last night.

After roughly a year of spinning his wheels, Strowman has finally found some serious momentum again. Yes, Rollins and Strowman lost the Raw Tag Team Championships to Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler but Strowman is slowly but surely getting right back up to the level he once was in 2017. Some may disagree with that, stating that this was yet another failed attempt for “The Monster Among Men” to gain the Universal Title.

Rollins bumped all over the place for the big man, and at times it felt as if his time was running out as Universal Champion. The resilient Rollins continued to mount comeback after comeback, only to be chopped down by Strowman. The last Universal Championship match Strowman was in, he was bashed with the title and had no offense. He withstood five or six F5s before Brock Lesnar won the Universal Title.

There were several points in the match last night, that “The Monster Among Men,” was seconds away from winning the title. Rollins was forced to dig deep into his arsenal, nailing Strowman with four thunderous Stomps and a Pedigree to retain his championship. If you look at the expression on the Universal Champion’s face when he exited the ring, it was of total respect and shock that he withstood Strowman’s freakish strength to survive the onslaught.

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