24/7 Championship Changes Take Place At Airport

R-Truth has won it how many times now?

Jinder Mahal

Just before the WWE roster set off on their long journey to Jeddah, drama unfolded with the 24/7 Championship in the middle of a heated battle. Whilst R-Truth was taking part in an interview on the airport’s runway, Jinder Mahal blindsided the champion and managed to score his second 24/7 Championship reign.

Fortunately for Truth, there was a long flight ahead of them, enough time for him to hatch a plan and take back his 24/7 title. Truth snuck into Mahal’s cabin and took advantage of a sleeping champion. Jinder protested that the title change shouldn’t count whilst he was away with the fairies, but as Mick Foley said, the championship is defended at anytime, even when you least expect it.

A huge chase ensued throughout the plane, as members of all rosters took it as their opportunity to usurp the 5 time 24/7 Champion. Truth managed to lock himself away, keeping himself safe, for now.

Some of our fellow writers have argued that the 24/7 Championship should mean more than just being a prop used for gags, but I personally love these hijinks. It’s what keeps wrestling fun and allows for the undercard talent to express a little creativity. Stuff like a challenger taking advantage of a sleeping champion is the sort of campy shenanigans that made the early 00s great, so more of this please.

What are your thoughts on the 24/7 Championship and R-Truth’s latest victory? Let us know in the comments below.

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