2018 Spotify Wrapped Available Now, How To Find Yours

What does your 2018 Spotify Wrapped tell you about your listening habits from this year?


After plenty of build-up, the 2018 Wrapped Spotify is now available. The clever bit of marketing (because that’s really what it is) allows you to find out your favourite bands, tracks, and just generally interesting data about your listening tastes over the past year.

You can discover your own Spotify Wrapped by going here and making sure you sign in to your account.

2018’s version of Wrapped seems to be more in-depth last year’s, though as someone who almost exclusively listens to playlists, my results seems to be a bit less accurate than usual. I can only think of a few albums that I’ve listened to multiple times this year.

Wrapped starts off with the usual chunk of minutes of music you’ve listened to over the past twelve months. I wasn’t shocked to see my amount considering I always listen to Spotify when I work — I am fused to my PC at this point.

Spotify Wrapped 1

There are some really interesting quirks to Wrapped this year, including how different you are to the mainstream and what the oldest song you’ve listened to is. I am almost certain this track is thanks to a random Fallout playlist.

Spotify Wrapped 3

Spotify will then organise you two new playlists: one for your top 100 most listened tracks of the year and then one for recommendations for what you should be listening to in 2019.

Things then conclude with a breakdown of everything, including your top tracks and favourite artists.

Spotify Wrapped 4

As one final bit of flourish, Spotify will ask you if they can publish your music tastes on a billboard in Piccadilly Circus in London — not sure if this changes depending on where you live. You need to give your details, a photo, and then consent to their terms.

What are some of the highlights of your 2018 on Spotify?

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