10 More Xbox One Games That’ll Net You An Easy 1000G


Back in August 2017, I wrote and published an article detailing 30 of the easiest games on Xbox One to get 1000G, and we were inundated with literally no suggestions on any other games outside that original 30. We were swamped by a veritable avalanche of apathy. But there are still plenty of games that deserve a mention, so today we’re outlining another 10 games that’ll get you an easy 1000 gamerscore. Like the last article, we’ve decided not to include any Telltale Games, purely to ensure that article was more interesting to write.


Murdered: Soul Suspect

Honestly, I’m shocked I forgot about this game in the original article. This “solve-your-own murder-’em-up” puts you in the shoes of the recently deceased Ronan, who must work with a medium to find out who killed him, before they unleash havoc on the town of Salem. Yes, Salem. Take a guess on whether or not the Witch Trials become a thing. Anyway, the achievements are tied to 100%’ing the game anyway, so just finish the story and find all the collectibles and you’ll be 1000G richer.


Far Cry 4

Pagan Min Far Cry 4
Source: Ubisoft

The liberation of Kyrat is, depending on who you ask, either the highlight of the Far Cry series or not as good as Far Cry 3. Personally, I’m waiting for Far Cry 5 to come out before I pass judgement, but both Far Cry 3 and 4 share one thing in common: a simple achievement list. Like Murdered: Soul Suspect, a lot of the achievements are tied to progression or 100%’ing the game. Except, you don’t even need to 100% it. At most, you need to complete half the side quests and find half the collectibles. These days, you may struggle to complete the two online achievements, but that’s what Looking for Group is for, after all.


Gone Home: Console Edition

Gold Members should be happy with the next two entries on the list, as they were part of the Games With Gold promotion. They’re also both first person narrative adventure games, just like a good chunk of the previous list. The first entry, Gone Home: Console Edition, explores the themes of family, love, LGBT acceptance and more. If you play the game properly first time round, there’s an absorbing narrative to be found, but there’s nothing stopping you from breaking out the achievement guides immediately. Do what you like, I’m not your boss.


The Turing Test

Image Source: arstechnica.com

Whilst the first game had you running around a house finding backstory, The Turing Test is about solving puzzles whilst an AI whispers in your ear. You use a gun and- please stop shouting Portal from the back of the class. The gun controls electric charges, and the puzzles revolve around giving and taking away power from certain obstacles. There’s also a story about AI sentience, ethical boundaries and what it means to follow orders. It’s interesting stuff, but ultimately falls by the wayside when you’re chasing that 1000G dragon.


Wheels of Aurelia

You ready to finish a game 16 times to get all the achievements? That’s what you need to do here. Don’t worry, it’s not as bad as it sounds. Wheels of Aurelia is another narrative focused game set in Italy during the 1970s , but instead it’s a driving game with the story playing out during conversations between the passengers. The destinations you travel to, the hitchhikers you pick up and the conversations you have along the way determines which one of the 16 endings you receive. Naturally, you’ll need all the endings to get the achievements, so you better whip those guides out.


Energy Cycle

Perhaps the easiest game to 1000G that isn’t part of the Avatar franchise, Energy Cycle is a puzzle game that tasks you with lighting up orbs. I think. The game isn’t actually available in the UK, so only Americans can fill their boots on these achievements. Still, if you are able to buy the game, you’ll be treated to literally 20 minutes worth of gameplay before you finished the game and nab the 1000G. Seriously though, Microsoft. UK release when?



The kid friendly creation tool that also has some fucking weird shit if you look below the surface, Roblox has some decent game ideas. The Natural Disaster Simulator game is pretty good, so there’s that. But that’s not what we’re here for. We’re here for some gamerscore. None of the achievements are specific to any Roblox game, but the biggest issue will probably be the 20 days of consecutive log-ins. Unless you’re fantastic at following routines, you’re shit out of luck.


Tiny Troopers: Joint Ops

You know twin stick shooters? Tiny Troopers: Joint Ops is one of those, but it’s shite. Your troopers spend more time getting stuck on the level geometry than they do actually fighting bad guys, and your guns start off so hideously inaccurate that twelve barn doors side by side would remain unblemished. It’s a slog then, but one that leads to 1000G after only a couple of hours. You will have to grind to unlock all the trooper upgrades, but persevere and you’ll be rewarded.



Abzu game

ABZÛ, is the underwater adventure and exploration game developed by some of the key members of the Journey dev team. You play an underwater diver who happens upon some ancient technology that can bring life back to the ocean. You also happen on an easy 1000G, so long as you find all the collectibles. Just like with all narrative adventure games on this list or the previous one, the joy of the game is to run through the game blind, so save your guides for the second playthrough.


The Bunker

We featured Late Shift, the FMV narrative game from Wales Interactive that came after this one, in our previous article, but The Bunker is perhaps even easier to 1000G. Whilst Late Shift plays out like a fast-paced interactive drama, not too dissimilar to a Telltale game, The Bunker is a much more traditional point and click adventure game. The post apocalyptic narrative provides some interest, which is good because getting all the achievements requires a second playthrough. And you have to find all the collectibles. You know the drill.

And that’s the list, not including the wealth of NEOGEO games that have been released between the last list and this one, and they’re a fucking achievement gold mine. Check out the previous list, and let us know what other games we’ve missed.

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